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Subject: Scientologists Unite - Support Safe!
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Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:29:13 -0700

Good points are raised in the following posts....two key points are not addressed however, I will mention them here then I recommend one read the post I left in tact below:

1. Safe was exposing crimes of current management of the cult in deleting and changing Hubbards writings, called sacred scriptures by the cult.

He is *required to do so by the rules laid out by Hubbard. and was posting those rules.

2. *Why* does the cult need the names and addresses of its critics? I goes to great lengths to get this information, but only files law suits in some cases...it wants apparently to know *where* each critic is.

I might suggest that in light of past events, murders, and disappearances of people who had just quit the cult or announced they were quitting, or began to talk is more than faintly relevant here. The criminal cult of scientology knows full well the number of critics who are most active and influential, and could very very easily arrange to have us *murdered..... 5 such killings would slow up justice dramatically....... 50 such killings would decimate their opposition, and send critics who wish to keep breathing or with children to raise into hiding.

We are classified by Hubbard in his book Dianetics Modern Science of Murder (or maybe it was Mental Health), as in a group of people that he recommended be disposed of quietly and without sorrow, and elsewhere wrote policy that we should be lied to, ruined, set up, "or of course destroyed utterly if possible"

These are simple facts. The dead bodies are piling up....people who were breathing a day two before they left the cult....were found, hung, shot, drowned, poisoned, dead at the base of a tall building, or just died as Lisa did, starved to death, tied to a bed and injected with chloral hydrate.

Liability issues:

Current cult staff, FSM's and cult members are contributing to and funding these crimes sometimes directly, by setting up a critic, committing wire fraud, libel, sabotaging a critic in the business community, or in the case of top management hiring the thugs and killers to do the job..... this has been long documented and cult members sent to PRISON around the world for this activity.... this is NOT speculation.

Right now the US govt is protecting the cult, granting it a tax exemption and defending it in Germany. Those issues are just now being brought up on the NG. As this is exposed, the protection will cease, and the cults current staff, and publics, especially FSM's are going to be held criminally liable for these activities.....as individuals. There are now many of us who will now see to that in light of the cults increasingly more ruthless activity.

and unfortunately there apparently is no shortage of cult members, executives, who are infact willing to commit murder to perpetuate their criminal insanity.

The time to involve the Justice Department, and the FBI and congress through appeals to United States citizens at large has arrived.

Best Regards, Phil Scott


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It appears that one is the product of his or her actions.

In Life, we have the incredible opportunity to do the decent thing, and transcend darkness !. No matter how well justified, indecent behavior, lying, and abuse of all sorts ruin their host.

Progress and success in life, it seems is marked by truth and decent behavior, most especially as it concerns oneself.

By willful failure to be decent, a person condemns themselves to the dark regions.....and any who agree with the behavior... it is apparently that a person becomes what he or she creates.. it is not just a game.

One cannot apparently be good and evil on a whim, and not be forever changed by the darkness he or she has created.

In an attempt to dominate with lies, one becomes indeed the father of lies....and that is apparently a fatal association.

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The Crusader wrote in message <37599bc3.178756942@newsact.lightlink.com>...
> This is a call to all Scientologists, active churchmembers and
> Freezoners alike, to unite and stand against the deplorable behavior
> of the men who control the Church of Scientology. Please pass this
> letter on to anyone you know who was ever involved with Scientology.
> Here is a brief synopsis of Safe's situation.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> "Safe", a Scientologist, has been posting messages criticizing the
> Church of Scientology management to the internet newsgroup
> alt.religion.scientology.
> Now he may be facing legal trouble. The Church of Scientology has
> subpoenaed AT&T Worldnet, Safe's Internet Service Provider, demanding
> that they reveal his identity. The church alleges that Safe has
> violated its copyrights by quoting Scientology scripture in the
> messages that he posted. Safe contends that he did not violate
> copyright law because he stayed within the "Fair Use" clause.
> Safe has retained Dan Liepold, an attorney familiar with the tactics
> of the Church of Scientology, in order to fight the subpoena and keep
> his identity a secret. However, it seems likely that Safe's identity
> will be revealed because in order for a judge to decide whether Safe
> has infringed the church's copyrights or not, Safe must appear in
> court to argue his case. A Catch-22.
> Safe wishes to remain anonymous because once the Church of Scientology
> finds out who he is, it will most likely expel him from the church, on
> top of any legal action it may bring against him. The Church of
> Scientology is well known for harrassing and attacking anyone who is
> critical of the church. This is called "Fair Gaming" and "Dead
> Agenting" within the church.
> Safe's story, which is just unfolding, has been documented on Wired
> News and CNET. Hopefully other news organizations will pick it up as
> the events progress.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> For those who are not familiar with the Church of Scientology -
> doesn't it strike you odd that a church would behave this way? Using
> copyright law to sue and harrass people who criticise it by quoting
> the church's own scripture to document their criticism? Punishing and
> expelling its own members who dare disagree with its actions, however
> unjust and inane they may be?
> Yet the true victims of Church of Scientology's copyright terror are
> the non-conforming Scientologists. People like Safe, who believe in
> the religious writings of L. Ron Hubbard, yet disagree with the bad
> behavior and policies of the Church of Scientology. They cannot openly
> practice their Scientology beliefs outside of the Church. The Church
> has copyrighted all of Hubbard's religious writings and obtained
> trademarks on the name Scientology and many other related items, and
> the Church sues anyone who uses these materials outside of its
> control. Yet they cannot bear to stay in the church and put up with
> the lies, the super-high prices (what other church charges $300 an
> hour for religious confession?) and the draconian rules known as
> "ethics". They cannot try to reform the church or complain to the
> church management because "ethics" does not permit any criticism of
> the church.
> There exists a group known as "Freezone", which is made up of expelled
> church members and non-conforming Scientologists who left the church
> on their own. They still believe in the spiritual "tech" of
> Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Most of these Freezoners
> practice Scientology quietly by themselves, being careful not to
> attract attention, almost in an underground fashion. Why? Because in
> the past some of these Freezoners have started their own churches to
> deliver Scientology services, only to be attacked and squashed out of
> existence by the Church of Scientology on the basis of copyright
> infringement. If this isn't religious suppression, what is?
> The Church of Scientology likes to use the term "religious freedom".
> Whenever it is under government investigation or media criticism, it
> crys out "religious freedom!" in its own defense, meaning that the
> attacking party should leave them alone because Scientology has a
> right to exist and practice its beliefs under the idea of religious
> freedom. Yet when it comes to Freezoners and others who wish to
> practice Scientology outside of its control, religious freedom goes
> out the window and copyright litigation takes over.
> The Church of Scientology contends that Scientology is a religion. The
> United States recognizes it as a religion and has given it a
> tax-exempt status. Yet this so-called church does not behave like a
> religious group ought to. It behaves more like a greedy monopolistic
> corporation that uses copyright, trademark, and trade-secret laws to
> protect its profits and stamp out any competition.
> If Scientology is a religion, then the writings of L. Ron Hubbard that
> form Scientology beliefs are religious scripture in the same manner as
> the Bible and the Koran. Anyone who wishes to study these scriptures
> and copy them for their own practice should be protected under the
> First Amendment and the idea of religious freedom. For the Church of
> Scientology to attack and suppress them on the basis of copyright
> protection is simply wrong. Isn't the whole idea of copyright about
> protecting an author's intellectual property for him to profit from
> his work? Well, L. Ron Hubbard is dead, his family gets nothing from
> Scientology, and the profits from the copyrights go straight to the
> Church of Scientology, a religious organization that is supposed to be
> non-profit.
> Only then can Scientologists be free to practice their religion in the
> manner they see fit. Only then can Scientology become a true religion
> in the same sense as Christianity and Buddhism.
> I would like to urge all thinking Scientologists, Freezoners, and
> supporters of religious freedom to join together in a crusade against
> the Church of Scientology's reign of copyright terror.
> I'm not a lawyer so I may be way off base here, but it seems to me
> that a class-action lawsuit can be filed against the Church,
> challenging its copyrights on the basis of religious freedom. Also
> from data I've seen on the Net, Hubbard's transfer of copyright
> ownership to RTC in 1982-83 seems fishy and it could've been
> improperly done by Miscavige. We may be able to attack it this way.
> What we need is lots of MEDIA COVERAGE. Stories on Scientology have
> been done before, but never from the religious freedom angle. Once a
> class-action lawsuit is filed, the press will jump all over it. The
> time is right. In the past year Scientology has been in the spotlight
> with the Lisa McPherson indictment, Bob Minton Dateline show, 20/20
> and A&E stories, the recent Amazon footbullet. Our cause can finally
> be heard.
> THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! Please spread the word.
> Thank you for listening.
> Yours in religious freedom,
> -The Crusader

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