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Subject: Cult winning more friends
From: "pscott" <pscott@inreach.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 15:05:30 -0700

Notice this thread is *not being sporged. The reason is contained in cult policy, put heads on a pike for everyone to see...this attack on Safe is intended to intimidate others into silence as well.... so they do want it made public.

Brilliant thinking on the net isn't it.... now 500 more people will be spreading the word about the criminal cult. What was once a sleepy news group with two or three posts a day is now a hot bed of information about the crimes of the cult of scientology.

It does appear though that the cult is attacking critics by smearing them with their employers.... that sets an unfortunate precident. It may be that idea the cult has is abit brighter than we think though...they have by the FBI's published evaluation the worlds most extensive and effective intelligence and espionage operation... and the dead bodies from that are starting to float to the surface with revelations about Clintons connections, and the chinese espionage. Indeed that could get messy.

Allowing the McPherson killing to go to trial and all these lawsuits against critics may be to mask this heavier activity. There has also been much posted about the cults influence with police forces in some of the south american countries involved in the cocaine trade.

There are much bigger issues, it may be time to expand the scope of discovery....but it will have to be a fast and broad scale expansion, if only a few speak up, we might find them turning up dead.

Best Regards, Phil Scott

Xenu wrote in message <199906021437.OAA05806@berlin.neuropa.net>...
> Scientology's Online Battle
> by Polly Sprenger
> Wired News
> 3:00 a.m. 3.Jun.99.PDT
> An anonymous online critic of Scientology is the subject of a legal
> complaint targeting newsgroup postings of church doctrines. It is the
> latest move by the church to prosecute what it maintains are copyright
> abuses online.
> Attorneys for Scientology-backed Bridge Publications have served AT&T
> WorldNet with a subpoena demanding that the Internet service provider
> reveal the identity of an online critic.
> The WorldNet subscriber said that he wants to remain anonymous, afraid
> that the Scientologists will harass him because of his views about the
> church.
> "I am scared of this church," he said in a phone interview on Wednesday.
> "Can you believe that? [A] church is supposed to be there for spiritual
> redemption and I'm freaking scared of them?"
> The man, who goes by the alias Safe, said that it's a Catch-22 situation:
> He can keep AT&T from revealing his identity by arguing against the
> subpoena in court. But if he chooses to argue in court, he must identify
> himself. If he doesn't argue the subpoena, AT&T will be forced to comply
> and will reveal his name to the Scientologists.
> The Church of Scientology is notorious for litigation to protect its
> copyrighted works. Critics like Keith Henson, an engineer from Palo Alto,
> California, who criticized the group in online newsgroups, have found
> themselves the subject of lawsuits after posting parts of the group's
> doctrines. But that's not the worst of it.
> Henson said that, in addition to filing suit against him in 1996, the
> church has picketed various companies where he has worked as a consultant,
> hung up posters defaming him, and posted Web sites critical of his
> actions.
> Ava Paquette, an attorney for the church who filed the subpoena for Safe's
> identity, declined any comment on the latest case, other than to say that
> Safe had violated Bridge's copyright, and that it was a serious matter.
> "It's a legal action that's ongoing. It's between me, AT&T, and the
> subscriber," she said.
> AT&T representative Jonathon Varman said that the ISP had not yet complied
> with subpoena, and that its legal team was evaluating how to proceed.
> "We are looking for a way to do the best for our customer and still comply
> with the courts," Varman said.
> Paula Phillips, litigation manager for AT&T WorldNet, said that Safe's
> attorneys could act on his behalf and protect its customer's name and
> address.
> Phillips said that AT&T had not complied with the subpoena but had asked
> instead for an extension, since the original subpoena had a Wednesday
> deadline.
> Dan Liepold, an attorney who has represented a number of defendants
> against suits brought by Scientologists, said that Safe had contacted him
> for representation in this case.
> Liepold said that the Scientologists have named two of Safe's postings in
> the subpoena (here and here). One of the postings contains a list of
> crimes, according to Scientologists.
> The list includes items such as "Discourtesy and insubordination" and
> "committing a problem," as well as 272 other crimes.
> Safe, ironically, considers himself to be a Scientologist. While he
> disagrees with the teachings of current church leaders, he said that he
> lives his life by the principles laid out by Scientology's founders.
> In the court filing, attorneys for Bridge Publications said that
> provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act allow "copyright owners
> or a person authorized to act on the owner's behalf," to request the clerk
> of any US District Court to issue a subpoena to a service provider for
> identification of an alleged infringer.
> Bridge Publications, according to the filing, owns the copyright for
> materials, including "PR Series 18," or "How to Handle Black Propaganda,"
> "Suppressive Acts," and the list, which is entitled "Offenses and
> Penalties."
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