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Subject: A Case to sue AT&T for fraud?
From: "Oxford Systems" <oxfordsystems@spammeandIwillkillyou.mindspring.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 00:59:54 -0500

Safe ... http://www.fzint.org/ wrote in message
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> If AT&T reveals my identity this coming monday, can I possibly sue AT&T for
> fraud?


> Because when I signed up for their service, I was under the impression that
> they would protect my anonymity. I feel they gave me a false promise and
> deceived me. I certainly would never have signed up for their service if I
> knew they would EVER give out my user information.

They have no choice but to comply with the law. The same would hold true if you signed a non disclosure agreement with a company and got hauled into court. Under oath you have to answer.

> AT&T did not warn of this new law in their Terms of Service which risks
> ANYBODY's anonymity.

I wouldn't think that they would.

> The new law of which I would be the first test case can
> easily be abused by anybody.

Ah! Here's the kicker! If they abuse the law, then they lose. You can sue for abuse of process (or something like that.) That is why it is so very important that you get an attorney or take steps yourself post haste!

I think you can show that the premise the Co$ used to get the subpoena is false and misleading. Further I believe that you can indeed quash the subpoena OR (and IANAL) get a judge to issue a temporary injunction to delay enforcement to allow A) adequate time for you to get representation and B) for your representatives to prepare a response.

Call the ACLU! Call lawyers at home! Go to the country club and beg if you have to.

Take copies of the Wired News and CNET articles. Take some printed info about the Co$. Take the advice posted earlier and get to work on a response yourself pro se until you can get a lawyer. But the bottom line is DO SOMETHING!

You are about to set a precedent for all of us whether you like it or not. The fact that it is a new law, that this is the first application of it and that it directly affects privacy rights ought to be appealing to any one of several legal orginazations like the ACLU.

Contact someone now! E-mail them. Go to the law.listserv.net-lawyers newsgroup and ask for help. We all admire you Safe and to tell you the truth, if the Co$ was more like you (assuming you are a typical freezoner) I don't think they would have much of a problem with critics. Hell, their "religion" might even actually be growing instead of dying. But as we see in your case they are a hateful, militant organization that will stop at nothing and that will abuse the law in any way possible to further their ends.

I'll be hoping for the best for you Safe.

> Yours for figuring out what to do,
> Safe, an authentic, informed NON-CofS Scientologist

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