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Subject: Where the hell are you people? Scientologists Unite! Support Safe!
From: Heidrun Beer <concern@atnet.at>
Date: 6 Jun 1999 02:53:52 -0400

Copied from an ARS-reply to F. Rice (to avoid header crossposting):

> It's the FreeZoners who should be fighting the cult since, in every
> way, it's _their_ religion they're defending. Critics and ex-members
> seem to be the only ones who are fighting the cult, in effect doing
> the good work which benefits _real_ Scientologists.

That's true. We have conflicting data here from Hubbard, like in so many other issues.

The most significant data are probably to be found on the PTS-SP-course. The suppressive personality and his robots will not respond to auditing, they are in a case condition where they see enemies all over the place.

Fighting them in real life will only add to the amount of entheta on their case. They cannot be handled until they have somewhat calmed down and gotten into a state where bits and pieces of their case can be addressed until they can be gotten through to Clear and then their entity case (NOTs) etc.

You can assume that the average Freezoner (other than the average CoS-member) is sufficiently trained to understand these technical principles. As the current CoS consists mainly of SP's and their robots, they would have to be treated according to the PTS-SP-materials.

The general background of this is that the auditor does not think that a destructive person will cease to have a destructive influence if you just stop him from what he is doing. In the spiritual universe he is still raving mad, and this will manifest in reality again, sooner or later.

You have to resolve his case so that he can self-correct, or better, that his original constructive self can unravel from the influence of the accumulated charge of so many lifetimes.

Of course this doesn't mean that they should be allowed to fire like a lose cannon. I believe in the power of PR measures. If the truth about their crimes is exposed and distributed - and if the FZ is supported and made known by the media - the members will realize what is going on (many are still totally uninformed), and finally see a way to climb out of their spiritual trap. Subsequently the CoS will either starve to death from lack of donations, or they will have to reform and cease to be a pain in the ass of society :-))

Heidrun Beer

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