Scientology Crime Syndicate

Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology
Subject: Where the hell are you people? Scientologists Unite!
From: Homer Wilson Smith <homer@lightlink.com>
Date: 6 Jun 1999 23:23:53 -0400

anonymous@electra.lightlink.com wrote:
> When we actually make a LOT of truly sane people, then the criminal cult
> will fold up and die. Until then, we don't really have a chance against
> it. Attacking it with it's own methods is NOT a long-term real solution.

I disagree. Only a fully trained Scientologist can do something about a planet full of out of control crazy scientologists and mad men pretending to be Messiahs.

Present day scientology may not be up to the level of clearing competency to actually handle the case manifestations that are going on, but basic auditing tech is an absolute must to actually do something about the Church and recover the people from despair.

Meatballs don't even believe in what they are trying to handle, the Devil and beyond, its all *BRAINS!* to them.

They have never felt the power of Demons with sinews of stone and steel that can rip walls up and eat them for breakfast.

They hide behind 'Prove it!' as if they would know what to do if you did.

They have never felt the chill of Behemoth that makes the wings of Angels wither and die.

They pretend to be strong, but they fight the Church from a point of view of being totally overwhelmed on the Spiritual Plane, they can destroy or try to, but they can not salvage. They can barely even think with the term.

The highest they can climb out of overwhelm is trying to overwhelm others, in this case the Church. The nature of whats got them allows them to rise to an out of valence dramatization, no further.

Chruchies are the same way, they can rise to dramatize OT III out of valence, no higher. The only way they can get out of feeling overwhelmed is targeting someone else to overwhelm.

The abyss is too good for them, its spits them out as unpalatable.


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