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Subject: Scientologists Unite - Support Safe!
From: stevea@castlsys.demon.co.uk (Steve A)
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 11:03:01 GMT

On Fri, 04 Jun 1999 09:40:18 GMT, giliad@mailexcite.com (The Crusader) wrote:

> This is a call to all Scientologists, active churchmembers and
> Freezoners alike, to unite and stand against the deplorable behavior
> of the men who control the Church of Scientology. Please pass this
> letter on to anyone you know who was ever involved with Scientology.
> Here is a brief synopsis of Safe's situation.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> "Safe", a Scientologist, has been posting messages criticizing the
> Church of Scientology management to the internet newsgroup
> alt.religion.scientology.
> Now he may be facing legal trouble. The Church of Scientology has
> subpoenaed AT&T Worldnet, Safe's Internet Service Provider, demanding
> that they reveal his identity. The church alleges that Safe has
> violated its copyrights by quoting Scientology scripture in the
> messages that he posted. Safe contends that he did not violate
> copyright law because he stayed within the "Fair Use" clause.

I do not want to sound overly cynical about this, but I believe that Safe has given the anti-Scientology movement the platform it badly needs, and upon which we can take Scientology out into the open, with many of their typical "dead-agent" jibes effectively neutralised by Safe's position.

Think about it:

This is our opportunity to rally behind Safe, and align ourselves with his aims and methods. After all, it seems to be a generally accepted view among critics that we are not necessarily all after stamping out Scientology as an end in itself: it is *reform* of Scientology, and the removal of the various fraudulent and dangerous practices that it follows. Sure, we may all believe that, practically speaking, this would mean the end of Official Scientology, but that is an incidental matter, as long as - one way or the other - they cease to lie, cheat and deceive.

I hope that Safe is still able to read and post to a.r.s. and that he will make it known if he needs anything, be that financial support, logistical assistance or just a friendly email now and again.

To those who felt disappointed and "let down" over Dennis's settlement with the CoS, I'll say this: if you are really looking for a torchbearer, then perhaps Safe is someone to watch. His complaint is a fair one, his position entirely morally tenable, and his commitment is strong.

Whatever our motives, I believe that Safe deserves our support. I also believe that, if we can set our differences aside and see what we can do in order to provide that support, we on a.r.s. could be part of helping Safe make major inroads into the task of breaking through the cloak of secrecy that Scientology shrouds itself in. Perhaps, this time, real reform could be achieved - who knows?

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