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Subject: Scientologists Unite - Support Safe!
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Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 16:01:36 +0100

In article <375944f9.17869501@news.demon.co.uk>, Steve A
<stevea@castlsys.demon.co.uk> writes
> This is our opportunity to rally behind Safe, and align ourselves with
> his aims and methods. After all, it seems to be a generally accepted
> view among critics that we are not necessarily all after stamping out
> Scientology as an end in itself: it is *reform* of Scientology, and
> the removal of the various fraudulent and dangerous practices that it
> follows. Sure, we may all believe that, practically speaking, this
> would mean the end of Official Scientology, but that is an incidental
> matter, as long as - one way or the other - they cease to lie, cheat
> and deceive.

While I don't believe in the Tech that's no barrier to my supporting Safe as much as I support anyone else who has been ripped-off or abused by current church management. Given the authoritarian nature of CoS, I don't rate his chances of taking over, though I would like it if he did. If he is a figure with a large following (like Mayo), he may have a chance of founding a new organisation which this time could be defended against CoS efforts to subvert it.

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