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Subject: Causing Dissent in CofS (repost from ACT)
From: "Safe ... http://www.fzint.org/" <Safe2WC@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:44:40 -0700

Hello Safe;

I wrote a couple of posts a few weeks ago on picketing, and that the real target for the picketers should be the CofS Scientologists, with the other 'public' on the street as a separate target. Public opinion is not a concern of the CofS Arrogants, but they can be deflected away from the CofS, and so hit it's financial lusts hard.

If the signs were to have on them the actual questions that CofSers themselves wonder about, or would wonder about, then the sign gets their attention. That would put in the comm line. The signs would have questions such as 'What ever happened to Mary Sue?', 'How did DM usurp the copyrights?', 'Why is the Board of the LRH Library composed of three non-Scientology lawyers and only one Scientologist?', and so on. Real questions of concern. This would be very effective, especially if the signs did in fact ask the correct questions. We could even survey for them!

The flyers would only expand on those questions, and maybe a few more possible questions that may be asked, and give the answers and where else to look for the answers. That would be doing something with the comm line. Being upstat and in comm on the line would help as well.

Also, that there is an alternative Bridge available that works would get a lot of attention.

The purpose is to 'help' the CofSers, not hit at them.

The idea is to use Scientology tech to run the 'Let's Clear the CofS!' project, via signs, picketing, posts all over the place, and so on. Having a little picnic on the street with the kids and passing out flyers to CofSers going in and out of the org would be quite effective. Also, in addition to that, would be data for non-Scientologists.

All the 'Scientology Kills' type signs would be discarded as idiotic, which they are. More effective signs for the general public would have a better effect. Perhaps all the data on the CofS litigation history, fair game policies, and so forth.

The greatest fear of the SO Arrogants is that someone will organize an opposition based on LRH tech and admin, properly used. Admins Scales, Battle Plans, etc., That is their worst nightmare. What the protesters don't really realize, is that the CofS cuts its own comm lines to it's own staff and public, and that is it's Archilles Heel. We don't have any such withhold, and so we can talk about the tech and the confidential stuff, (when appropriate). We have the LRH references at hand, and we would operated on them. With a properly run organization, those 'holes' in the CofS chinks would be utilized to the max.

That is the way to really cause an effect. It would produce a CofS public that has questions, and when they ask the questions to terminals in the orgs they will get hit by the CofS 'ethics' and other falsely entitled twits. This, coupled with an Alternative Bridge that works and is available - imagine how many CofSers walk around in a daze knowing full well the Bridge is out of reach due to the money grab by the SO Arrogants!- the presently mutated version of the CofS may well grind to a halt. All these battles could evaporated as the CofS becomes irrelevant re: Clearing

This is how you fight a guerilla war. Cause dissension, and wait for the bad guys to come in and start hitting their own people, which drives more to your side for help and security, and more guerilla hits, and so on. We are not in a position yet where we can fight using battle lines of any sort, we are out gunned and out manned, ( lack of $ and organization ), but, a well planned out campaign as above, would do the job.

The post was largely ignored.

Hopefully, in your case, if you do get ID'd, then maybe this and every other NG available will be hit with tons of LRH data, and tons of Affidavits. The LA General Newsgroup would be good as a target for the postings. There are a lot of " ... General' newsgroups in various cities. Fill them full of the postings of Jesse Prince, Vaugh Young, The MacDonald Papers, and so on.

When they hit at us, they have to know they will get hit back, harder and longer.


"Safe ... http://www.fzint.org/" wrote:

> Thomlove <Thomlovenetmail@netscape.net> wrote in message
> news:375AF446.A759E996@netscape.net...
> > Hello Brian;
> > "Ryan Q.Lee" wrote:
> > > Ted wrote:
> > > >> More DEV-T.
> > > >> Clearing practioners on either side of the fence don't need to get
> > > >> caught up in this crap. It takes away from actual processing and
> > > >> training.
> > > That's what I said in private to Safe. Go take your brawl outside this
> > > discussion group.
> > > The religious war is being fought on a.r.s, just a mouse click away.
> > > Anyone who promotes that war here on a.c.t is suspect.
> > I promote it here, and for good reasons. Handling the CofS and the SO
> > Arrogants is necessary for the proper utilization of the Clearing Tech in the
> > field. Handling the CofS and the Arrogants is handling SPs; people who are out
> > to do you harm because you have the gonads to prove them wrong; to unmock
> > their monopoly of the 'Bridge', and you want the Clearing Tech to be
> > widespread and actually available.
> > The CofS and the Arrogants are out to stop you. That is suppressive. It is on
> > your lines, and it is cutting your reach. Handling that is part of your making
> > case progress.
> > So, here is where the heart of the fight really is to be found; on ACT.
> I whole-heartedly agree with you. I believe this fight really belongs to
> ACT. The non-Scientologists on ARS are simply bypassing us Freezone
> Scientologists. You might say they are applying the senior danger formula.
> But WE are really the only one's with enough reality to know how to hit the
> Church of Scientology's buttons hard and communicate effectively.
> If it were ACT people picketing the Church of Scientology instead of ARSers,
> I guarantee that our picket signs would be ones that would really
> communicate to public Scientologists and staff. I bet our pickets would be
> deadly. Our flyers would be too. Our flyers would be designed to give to
> churchies, not the public.
> Why don't we do this?
> > We need and desire and enjoy the support of the ARSes, but...
> > It is a matter of personal ethics. How far are you willing to go, really?
> Personally, I'm sick of the Church of Scientology having a stranglehold on
> Scientology and I'm willing to doing anything to stop them short of
> committing real crimes.
> > The upsetting thing for me re: Safe's situation is the injustice of it all.
> > With so many 'sworn' affidavits by the various ex-CofSers and nothing being
> > done about it legally is quite grosse. I don't know why no one gets a lawyer
> > and pays him $200.00 to file a complaint properly. Maybe that is all that it
> > takes; just some smart lawyer earning a couple of hundred bucks for a couple
> > of hours work, and then the ball is rolling.
> Is it that simple? I know one OT 8 has file a recent lawsuite. It's very
> interesting. Go to ...
> http://www.b-org.demon.nl/scn/misc/pattinson-complaint.html
> Yours for freeing Scientology,
> Safe, an authentic, informed NON-CofS Scientologist
> > Where is Bob Minton when you really need him?
> >
> > Thom

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