Scientology Crime Syndicate

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Subject: *** The real issues
From: "pscott" <pscott@inreach.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 16:26:34 -0700

On 3 Jun 1999 11:24:36 GMT, rkeller@netaxs.com (Rod Keller) wrote:

> The list includes items such as "Discourtesy and insubordination"
> and "committing a problem," as well as 272 other crimes.

Someone replies:

So now I know what it's about; the crime syndicate is once again trying to abuse the court system of the United States to silence the truth about their evil empire. Of course. It's tradition by now. The fact that there's a sworn deposition attesting to the copyright fraud the crime syndicate is alleged to have engaged in some how appears to have been forgotten. The sworn deposition which covers the crime syndicate's pulping of evidence also seems to have been forgotten. The many instances where fire marshals and investigative units have decided that arson was the cause of the many cult-owned properties being burned up also seems to have been forgotten. The _murder_ of an unknown number of people, the many suicides and mysterious deaths, the armed and fortified cult compound in Hemet all seem to have been forgotten.

At issue here is no more copyright than it is bright green puppies. It's all about trying to silence a fellow Scientologist who knows all about the syndicate. It's about Fair Game, operation Snow White, Miss BloodyButt, operation Freakout, 11 crime bosses being sent to prison in the United States, 15 crime bosses being found guilty in Greece, 18 crime bosses being arrested in Spain -- the head crime boss out on a million dollars bail, in fact. It's about Lisa McPherson, the IRS's illegal deal with the crime syndicate. It's about a "suicide" with a rifle and no powder burns on the cult's ship the Apollo. It's about exposing the crime syndicate's criminal, illegal, and racketeering behavior past, present, and future.

It sure the hell has nothing whatsoever to do about copyright.

***** good points, the bullet hole in Miss Miesters forehead was from a 22 calibre pistol, long barreled revolver from what I recall, Ralph Hilton I believe has said he was on the boat at the time, and may have posted recently on those issues. He says it looked like a suicide to him, but one wonders, there were still no powder burns, and the cult hid the body and then later Harrasses Mr Meister to death for his ongoing inquiry.

There are extended other issues that need a much closer look, the clinton/chinese/ cult/ espionage connections...and of course both the FBI and NSA have been looking into that lately...also the fact of heavy cult influence in the police of several cocaine producing south american countries.

these may be the real issues that the cult is hoping to smoke over by perpetuating things like the McPherson trial and the copyright issues......

But don't leak any of this to the public, it could get messy....I am just posting it to ars and act here for us to understand privately....maybe together we can get the cult to be nicey nicey and quit killing people, and doing high level espionage.

Best Regards, Phil Scott

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