Scientology Crime Syndicate

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Safe's Inherent Safety
From: eldonb123@aol.com (EldonB123)
Date: 6 Jun 1999 12:34:54 GMT

An Open Letter to Safe:

Safe is a unique case, and as an ex-$cieno I admire him. He is a far nicer person than I am.

He is therefore nicer than I, because I only possess 1.5 of the above attributes, and Safe has all three. Therefore, he is twice the ex-$cieno that I am.

Safe may ultimately possess the key to the reformation of the "Church" of Scientology. He was, on the AOL Clam Board, often compared to Martin Luther. For his honesty and integrity, I flow him many admiration particles ;-). I think Safe would be an interesting guest on "60 Minutes." Of course, I have never met him, so I don't know how telegenic he is. They might want to disguise his face anyway if he is still anonymous at the time of the program.

Summary: In a test between Safe and $cientology, Safe will ultimately win. That is, if we have faith in the concept of fair play. $cientology doesn't play fair, folks. Never has within the past 25 or 30 years, maybe never will again. But in the early days, it at least appeared to. Now any pretense is gone.

--Eldon Braun, from Paris, aka GDAuthor@aol.com

P. S.

BTW, OSA assholes: My identity is hereby revealed, and I could reveal some more interesting things about things that went on in the past if you're interested.

I sent Safe all my early edition Scientology books to an address I'm not telling you, but I am making it public that I did. See if you can subpoena the mailing details from the Post Office--about the same thing you're trying now.

Oh, it's the French Post Office by the way. That was TR-L. I sent them from the US. Guess where? Spend some time on that one.

At the time he was doing quite an extensive study of expurgations and revisions of the original texts. It is common knowledge that L. Ron Hubbard's writings have been extensively although subtly revised since the debacle of 1983.

Now the entire world knows your secrets, and your criminal organization is going the way of the Mafia in Europe--still there, but obviously defunct. If you really haven't cracked Safe's anonymity yet (which I doubt, though I'm sure you didn't do it legally), just try to deposition me from France.

You self-destructive whores!-- especially including Ava P. within that description.


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