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Subject: To Safe and to Church From on lines Scientologist
From: "Safe ... http://www.fzint.org/" <Safe2WC@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 16:18:20 -0700

OneThetan <OneThetan@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> I am a Scientologist, in the church, active on a daily basis
> both as a student and as Field Staff Member. I have
> engaged safe in debates re: Scientology management and
> technologies. I am not opposed to current management of the
> church. I do not share his views on them. I believe they
> are not perfect but are more right than wrong by far.

Hi OneThetan,

You speak here like a very sane person. You don't seem like a typical "churchie" to me. I wish that more Scientologists like you would speak out for what is right. I would sincerely like to believe that the management bullies are not evil people. I use to feel otherwise like you too. But what I found out in my own research proved otherwise.

> In this case I must speak up and make my position known. I
> hope Safe comes through this with anon intact. The Churches
> best option at this point is to back down with grace. I
> have heard the term "footbullet" often and it almost never
> applies, but in this case moving forward would be a real
> footbulet. Weighing the greatest good for the greatest
> number, the most survival decision for the church at this
> point would be to publicly inform Safe that if copyright
> works stop being quoted they will stop investigating.

I agree with you that this IS a footbullet for the Church of Scientology and makes them look like they can roughshod over people's privacy rights. Already, ACLU is interested in this case. I will tell more about this later.

You're right, the church SHOULD communicate to me but I have not gotten as much as a warning from them. They have my email address. Somebody could have easily emailed me but they didn't. They acted like a bully instead and used an out-ethics gradient.

It is NOT wrong OR against the law to post "fair use" extracts of copyrighted material.

> This
> would be the biggest thorn in the side of the critics, it
> would show good will and tolerance toward critics and could
> be used to waylay charges of opression in future cases. Of
> the critics Safe is probobly the best one to do this with
> due to the history of not violating copyrights in the past.

Please don't say I've violated any copyrights. First, it's not true. Second, I have not been convicted of a crime.

I would be more than happy to see the Church of Scientology prove that it's showing good will and tolerance toward critics. It wouldn't be a "thorn" to me. I'd be HAPPY about it. I don't desire to be right for being right. I just want justice.

> Choose your battles carefuly, this one is best won by
> graciousness.
> Also if persued this will likely make new enemies of those
> who defend amon status on the internet. A large group on
> the internet against the church, not a good thing.
> Come on guys!!!
> I also personaly value my freedom of speach and thought and
> anonominity in doing so. I am not alone in this.
> ONEthetan

Good advice. I sincerely hope the Church of Scientology listens to you here.

> (as well as a few other ALIases)
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