Scientology Crime Syndicate

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Subject: Safe - Bigot Flyer Evidence
From: frice@raids.org (Fredric L. Rice)
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 15:34:38 GMT

Everyone who has been the target of the Scientology crime syndicate's hate campaign and has evidence of the crime syndicate's criminal racketeering behavior in the form of the cult's "bigot flyers" needs to FAX a copy to Mr. Michael Lamb (voice (908) 221-8377) in care of Paula Phillips, Legal management FAX (908) 903-6120.

Evidence as to what the traditional behavior of the Scientology crime syndicate is once they know the identity of someone who speaks the truth about their criminal history, past and present, needs to be sent to Mr. Lamb so that he and his office can make an informed decision as to whether or not to divulge to the crime syndicate's agents Mr. Safe's identity. Knowing the consequences of handing over a person's identity may allow Mr. Lamb and his office to acquire an injunction against the subpoena on Mr. Safe's behalf

Let Mr. Lamb and the world know what the Scientology crime syndicate does to innocent people when the cult targets them. Use the evidence the cult followers themselves provide to show what exactly Mr. Safe, his wife, children, and everyone around him will experience at the hands of the felony-indicted cult.

If you have the evidence, _please_ FAX it in.

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