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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: LEGAL Subpoena by CofS
From: Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 20:09:33 -0400

Safe ... http://www.fzint.org/ wrote:
> Grady Ward <grady@gradyward.com> wrote in message

> > That being said, I think this provision is unconstitutional, but by
> > not challenging it now you probably waive any right to challenge
> > it in a court of appeals.

> So essentially, because the CofS rushed this Subpeona through without me
> getting adequate time to seek counsel to take the case in New York, my
> rights have just been screwed by CofS now and in the future on this case.
> Nice.

I have just read in another thread recently posted that AT&T ~has~ revealed your identity to Co$.

It is going to be kind of shocking for you at first, but it will be even easier now for more support once you become a "real person" to others not familiar with the truths and facts about Co$.

It's very sad, but Co$ only did what they were allowed to do by the ~law~. If this was obtained illegally, you have the right to sue the Co$, and AT&T, but I feel that the way the laws have been changed they can be manipulated to take the rights of individuals to be sacrificed for the rights of corporations.

The laws in the US are constantly changing or precedents being set that give organizations and corporations more rights than to the individual citizen. Yay America, yes? :-(

Legally, I can give you absolutely no advice, because I am not up on the law. All I can say, is that you now can and should speak up about this as much as you have time for, and in as many forums as you are able to.

In this, I don't think you can say all the "guilty party" is the Co$, but a court system that allows manipulation of the rights of the individual by those who have the $$$$$$ and the stable of lawyers to do so.

It is now a battle between money and no-money, not right and wrong.

That is not the Co$'s fault for riding that wave, they are simply hanging ten and enjoying the surge provided beneath them.

> YUP, CofS is here on a humanitarian endeaver to protect human
> rights. <spit>

We know that the Co$ is as humanitarian as an adder.

> I sit in disgust of them. They have born a bigger enemy now and I
> guarantee they have created many more enemies and reactivated the
> resolve in many others.

I agree. I just beg you to not let revenge be what leads you, it is a stumbling block. Stay on the track you originally began with.


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