Scientology Crime Syndicate

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Threat Just Faxed to AT&T
From: eldonb123@aol.com (EldonB123)
Date: 8 Jun 1999 08:03:38 GMT

Just faxed to AT&T legal whores* on my letterhead:
Eldon M. Braun
14, Rue du Dragon / 75006 Paris / FRANCE
tel/fax: 33 (01) 42 22 15 59 E-mail: EldonB123@aol.com
8 June, 1999

Attn: Paula Phillips via fax: (908) 903-6120


Dear Sirs:

You don't realize what a big mistake you have made in complying with the recent harassment subpoena you received from the criminal cult of Scientology.

You have just subjected your subscriber to the possibility of massive legal costs, annoyance, persecution and libel. Among other dangers that might well be physical.

The best strategy you could employ at this time includes:

If you had taken the trouble to investigate the litigious and criminal history of the "Church" of Scientology, you could have easily known better. Safe is being encouraged to make sure you are held responsible. He has plenty of friends who will help.

This was a big, big mistake, AT&T. It will have major consequences. Bet on it.

Most sincerely,

Eldon M. Braun

* "putains du loi" en franJust faxed to AT&T legal whores on my letterhead:
---------------------- EldonB123@aol.com

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