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Subject: Press Release: For everybody's free distribution
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Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 12:06:35 -0700


"I'm disappointed that Ava M. Paquette, who represents the Church of Scientology Bridge Publications, lied in her declaration saying that I made two "verbatim" internet postings of BPI's copyrighted works known as "PR Series 18", "Suppressive Acts" and "Offenses and Penalties."

She got a questionably legal subpeona to violate my privacy under these false pretenses. What I find strange is that the Deputy Clerk named F. Danton (who signed the Subpoena) couldn't even find any record of the subpoena. There was no judge named on it, no caption, no case # or docket #. According to the "Pro Se" department in the same New York office, a subpeona is not valid without a docket #.

So AT&T did not have to lawfully honor it according to the New York district court I called.

I was only trying to reach the judge to file some kind of legal motion to order AT&T to extend me more time before they released my name to a group that is well known to harass critics ... the Church of Scientology. My original attorney, Dan Liepold, told me I needed to find a New York attorney to file the motion. During that course of investigation, I discovered the subpeona was not valid.

Ava Paquette has also sworn in her statement that "This information will only be used for the purpose of protecting those rights provided for under the Act." I don't believe that. So if I get harassed by the Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) or it's independent "OT committee" Church of Scientologists, or private investigators, I plan on using my full legal recourse. The only way they could have found out who I am is by Ava Paquette of Moxin and Kobrin.

I guess it wouldn't surprise anybody that because AT&T has put my life at risk to this harassment organization, that I will be switching both Internet Service Providers and my long distance service from AT&T to MCI. I'm disappointed that AT&T caved into the pressures of Bridge Publications and violated my privacy by giving them my identification without looking at the full consequences of me, their subscriber, and properly investigating to see whether or not it was in fact a lawful Subpeona.

Somebody needs to challenge this section of the "Digital Millennium Computer Act" law because it opens innocent people up for violation of their privacy and in my case harrassment from a known ruthless organization. With enough support, I hope to help test the constitutionality of it.


by the internet user on alt.religion.scientology known as "Safe"

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