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Subject: CofS Subpoena's my I.D. from AT&T
From: wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell)
Date: 3 Jun 1999 16:24:22 -0500

In article <Pine.SOL.3.95L.990603211706.18844G-100000@mailer.york.ac.uk>, Ian Rennie <ir102@york.ac.uk> wrote: >On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Chris Leithiser wrote:

>> Arnie Lerma wrote:
>> > And this should be promoted and ATT should know how outrageous this is
>> > until it turns into another "Piece of Blue Sky" of our own.
>> > Arnie Lerma Ex-Scientologist
>> >
>> > Harrassed, Raided, Sued, and Censored...
>> Excellent idea, as a fallback position. The lying, thieving cult of $cientology
>> will lose big with this one, should they manage to "out" Safe in this cowardly
>> fashion. Some ARSCC members with good media contacts should start calling
>> them...
> I think if Safe does get outed, there's a STRONG chance that almost every
> Org in the world will get picketed in the next few days.
> Ian

Ya know, this is weird. Now, either a judge is involved in this, or a judge is not and the are issuing their own subpeoanas now.

If no judge is involved, ATT should demand that the Co$ hand over the posts that alledgedly infringe on their copyrights so that ATT attornies may see if they actually do indeed infringe and are not a scam to trick ATT into coughing up Safe's identity to a cult known for harssing and fair gaming critics.

If I was Safe, i would threaten ATT with a suit should it later be adjudged that there was no such infringement and they had indeed tricked an inattentive ISP into giving a name of one of their customers to a notorious cult.

Now, ATT has a choice, cough up th' name and get sued by Safe later, or sit on the subpeoana and demand the posts in question. If they do not seem to ATT's lawyers to be bona fide infringment passing all four usual legal tests, ATT should tell 'em to go to hell and get a real subpeona. And if ATT's lawyers cannot show that there is a VERY GOOD case of infringement here, ATT should threaten to sue them for fraud and report their lawyers and law firms to the proper bar associations for discipline.

The worst that can happen this way is ATT gets sued for millions by Safe. The best is, the cult slinks off and then Safe can take further measures legally against the cult, starting with defamation in their false claims of infringement and barratry.

Or they might get a real judge. Who would probably not allow a subpeona on the two posts CoS seems to be basing this barratous attack on. If their is, then a lawywer may have a better chance to explain to Judge Dimbulb why the subpeoan needs quashing.

Safe, you might wanna try this on ATT. Tell 'em to tell CoS that they might get sued if you get screwed by a trick so they aren't gonna hand over your name just like that. Tell ATT t tell them if it is not an obviously airtight case, they will need a judge to get dirt out of ATT.

If they balk, let us know who ATT's point man is on this and I will e-mail them and tell them I will pony up the first $100.00 to sue ATT if they crater and it is a bad subpeoan based on false or inadequate claims and you get harassed and want to sue ATT.

And get in touch with the ACLU right now if you have not already.

If they are abusing ULC17, the ACLU might want to look at what this stupid provision does to freedom in America and make a stink about this.


Threaten suits on ATT and the cult to play them off on one another. A good threat to ATT will make 'em hang tough and let a judge sort it out. And let ATT know this is your game, right up front.

This is not klaw. This is games.
Read Hubbard on Games. Now go play hard.


Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope of Houston

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