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Subject: You're Safe (was: I'm screwed by Church of Scientology & AT&T)
From: armstrong@dowco.com (gerry armstrong)
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 22:35:17 GMT

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999 15:17:27 -0700, "Safe ... http://www.fzint.org/" <Safe2WC@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> Hi friends,

> AT&T is going to produce my name unless I can find an attorney to File a
> Motion to Quash the subpoena by the close of business, East Coast time, this
> coming monday.

> I'm desparatey trying to find a New York attorney to do this. But I'm having
> an extremely difficult time getting an attorney to accept the case
> especially
> on such a rush notice. Right now I'm at a loss and feel helpless.

In a limited sense you're helpless. In the sense that goes through time, you're not at all.

In the $cientology conflict, if you are who I have been led by you to believe you are, although you will have pulled in the possible loss of anonymity, and all that goes therewith, you would be in a stronger legal position. Since your goal appears to be reforming $cientology, your legal position may be important.

A legal relationship with $cientology, even though you are a now unwilling defendant, can be a very valuable communication line into $cientology, and, as you've already learned, into the media.

> Nobody seems to want to take on the Church of Scientogy. AT&T COULD give me
> more time to get help, but their attorney Michael Lamb is adamant about my
> Monday deadline ... probably because they know how ruthless the Church of
> Scientology can be. So they are giving in to their pressure.

> By the way, Michael Lambs phone number is (908) 221-8377.

Document every communication you make in this matter.

Don't leap to conclusions. Unless, as I say, in large part to not convey the idea that I think otherwise, it would be unsafe, discourteous or unwise, and I suppose unartistic, to not leap. If you are who I have been led by you to believe you are you will want to be very clear about facts, evidence, opinions, conclusions and so forth.

Be aware that everything you post and everything you say may very easily become part of a court record, and not just in courts in which you are a party.

By the way, I have no reason or desire to think you are other than who I have been led by you to believe you are. In this business, however - and, if you're who I have been led by you to believe you are, you would be getting a sense this past few days of what business we're in - it's a rule to cover all bases. Rules - especially those of this nature - are what are qualified by, as a rule, the usual qualifiers listed above.

>If you have any ideas on what I can do, please let me know.

In 1982, in the very early days of my conflict with $cientology, the cult had sued me, the cult's PIs were right in my face, pushing me and my wife Jocelyn around, and I was coming out of 12+ years inside with no marketable skills, no money and very scared, But I had an attorney, Mike Flynn, who I'd call every once in a while, and he once said to me, "Gerry, remain emotionally intact." And those few words, which for all I know Flynn never called to mind again, came to my mind enough times to form a concept which played a part in getting me and Jocelyn through the next few hundred nights and days.

So I would say, Safe, remain emotionally intact. Or something like that. You're not screwed. Your erstwhile organization wants to screw you, and they want AT&T to screw you. They want OSA to screw you. They want the sporgers to screw you. They want their PIs, their lawyers and the courts to screw you.

But you're not screwed until you say you're screwed (one of those instances when what's true is what's true for you is true), and if $cientology gets your identity, you're not screwed. Even if we learn you too drove some street the wrong way, you're not screwed. Even if the nutsuckers murder you, you can know that we know that they never screwed you.

Though they want desperately to screw you they can never screw you if you remain emotionally intact (which was Flynn's way of saying "be patient," I think) because they can never complete a cycle of action. What they want can never happen because their wants are irrelevant to the outcome. It's how they make themselves unOT: postulating something over which they have no control to do something that will never happen. I would never accept that DM and his cult could screw me, no matter how screwy they all are or become.

(c) Gerry Armstrong

> Sincerely, > Safe

>"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all
>subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat

> -- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (Justice for 36 years)

> David Miscavige, Ban Church of Scientology Censorship Software now!

> For freedom of discussion of CofS's unethical behavior, go to ...

> http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/churchofscientologysethics

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