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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Fax messages of support for Safe to (908)903-6120 (AT&T Legal)
From: mirele@newsguy.com (Deana Marie Holmes)
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 22:27:18 GMT

Fredric Rice asked us to call Michael Lamb's phone number and (presumably) leave a voice mail. Well, I called his number (908) 221-8377 and after eight rings got his voice mail, but it's FULL. That's a good sign.

So if you care about Safe, if you want AT&T to at least give Safe a bit more time to get an attorney so he can fight this thing, send a fax to (908)903-6120, in care of Paula Phillips, Legal Management.

I sent a fax in support of Safe, along with copies of two of the bigot flyers that Co$ spread around my neighborhood:

Subject: Your Subscriber, Safe, whose identification is about to be revealed to Scientology

To: Michael Lamb and Paula Phillips

Attached are two pages of flyers that I have received from Scientology. I'm sending these to you because I want you to see, viscerally, what happens when you counter Scientology.

I have never been a Scientologist, but these leaflets were spread around my neighborhood (one in December 1997 and one in August 1998) because I had the temerity to exercise my constitutional right to picket the Scientologists. Scientology also spread two other flyers around my neighborhood, but I don't have scanned copies of those to send to you.

I am asking you to reconsider what you're going to do to Safe. I don't know who s/he is, except that s/he has been in Scientology in the past, and is in a very vulnerable position. Scientology's attorney, Ava Paquette, has sworn that the identification of your user will not be used in any other way except for the subpoena. Multiple Scientology documents prove this to be FALSE. If/when Scientology finds out Safe's identification, it will be handed over to various organs within the Scientology apparatus, so, as in Hubbard's own words, s/he can be "destroyed utterly."

You people have the ability to be heroes in this, or at the very least give Safe enough time so that s/he can get an attorney in New York to challenge the subpoena. There are reporters who are already looking in on the situation, and the net.savvy are aware that Safe's identification is on the line.

I ask you: Please give Safe some time to get an attorney so s/he can challenge this obviously bogus subpoena.

Sincerely yours,

Deana M. Holmes
Salt Lake City, Utah

<end of fax coversheet>

So go to it, folx, let's send our messages of support to AT&T for Safe!

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