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Ironic proof CoS Public Relations lies
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Mon, 21 Feb 2000

Dear Public Relations for the Miscavige Monopoly,

Richard, you remember you telling me there are only 9 Study Tapes and it has always been this way? Guess what. Ironically, your own website proves what a liar you are. Just go to ...


About half way down, count the number of study tapes (12). Then read the text. It says "twelve" TWICE ... "twelve recorded talks" and "twelve Study Tapes." Amazing.

Why do you lie about such small things? Is there something you're trying to cover up for somebody? You probably better hurry and have the webmaster change this huh? It makes one wonder if you lie about this, you'll lie about anything. Why are you so careless with the facts?


"The Study Tapes

Here are the lectures in which L. Ron Hubbard gave the breakthroughs which were to revolutionize the field of study. In these twelve recorded talks, a student will gain a full understanding of the barriers to study and how to apply this data in his own life. The material in these tapes contains the basics of study, essential for anyone who wants to improve his own study abilities or help others learn more effectively.

The Student Hat

A comprehensive course which contains all the technology on study. This is a required course for any person training to become a qualified Scientology practitioner. The Student Hat includes the twelve Study Tapes described above as well as Mr. Hubbard’s pertinent writings dealing with study and education. In two weeks’ full-time study (eight hours a day, five days per week) one obtains a full grounding in skills that he can use in all endeavors in life. (Delivered in Scientology organizations throughout the world.)"


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