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Sat, 12 Feb 2000

Good message, Roland.

Most scientologists don't realize the CofS, Inc.s OT levels are squirreled. It's too bad they're not allowed to check if they are or aren't because the levels are confidential and so they can't verify by comparing the originals with the squirrelled ones. That's kind of sneaky that C of Miscavige can get away with this, huh?

Scientologists, take a look at how many stopped OT 7's you see out there. Ask yourself why? An OT 7 roommate friend (use to be until he heard I read ARS and pointed it out to him) of mine is running along in a very crippled manner in life. If THAT is an OT 7, then NO THANKS. He got the Miscavige OT levels.

Not that I have any "belief in" the original OT levels either. But I know some people who are doing the LRH version of OT 7 and 8 in the field and all I hear are positive reviews.

For those of you who wonder ... NO, I do not believe in Lord Xenu or that I'm infested with invisible incarnate spirits that are imprisoned in my space. Perhaps some OT's out there are laughing "boy is he in for a surprise." That's ok. All I will do is have a viewpoint based on my OWN reality and judgement.

Short of pain/drug/hypnosis, there is no way that anybody is going to get me to "believe in" anything besides my own observation. That is like it should be. That's what I feel scientology is supposed to be about ... becoming individual enough to where one can have THEIR OWN opinion.

Of course, monolithic, monopolitic organizations don't like free thought. Free thought is it's antithesis. That's exactly what the Miscavige Church of Scientology, Inc. has become.



"Roland" <roland.rashleigh-berry@virgin.net>

Hello my scieno friends,

how are you enjoying your participation in your "Church of Miscavige"? I say "Miscavige" because it isn't the Church L. Ron Hubbard created. It wasn't L. Ron Hubbard who authorised charging exhorbitant prices for processing and the OT levels. It wasn't L. Ron Hubbard who authorised changes to Scientology and Dianetics books in the latest versions.

And as for the OT levels, the ones you do these days weren't written by L. Ron Hubbard in any case except for OT III. And what about all the pressure you get from registrars? Money, money, more money all the time.

In L. Ron Hubbard's time, a happy pre-clear who had made tremendous benefits from their processing was told to go away and enjoy their wins and come back when they felt they wanted more. Times have changed, haven't they? In the "Church of Miscavige" neither your money nor your life belong to you any more. You live with "ethics" officers and registrars breathing down your neck and watching your every move.

Gone are the happy days when LRH was in command.

So let me ask you this simple question: Do you want to be a member of the Church L. Ron Hubbard created or do you want to be a member of the "Church of Miscavige"?

Isn't it about time you chose which side your are on and to let others know? If not verbally, then by voting with your feet.



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