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Scientologist: What would you do?
"Safe ... www.fza.org " <Safe@scientology.at> Fri, 21 Jan 2000

Dear Scientologists,

What would you do?

If you saw something going on horribly wrong, and the communication lines are cut and shot, but you can't stand to see the 3D overts continue, what would you do?

No too long ago, a scientologist sent me regarding what they did. This should give you a better indication of this grave situation. I thank her profusely for sharing this.

"Hi there,

Good question. I know what I did when my husband was summarily declared without comm ev, Bd of Review, nothing, and I, being on staff, was asked to disconnect/divorce.

I declared myself PTS, flew to LA determined to make the system work according to tech & policy. Armed with 10 years of training, at the top of the bridge, etc. etc., I sat on the WUS CJC's desk until a proper comm ev was convened. I went to ethics, cramming, got Nots review, worked as an FESer at AOLA, audited FOLOWUS & CMO staff, etc. etc.

In the middle of the comm ev, the CJC or someone like that decided the findings weren't going the way they liked, so they sent one of the Board members on a mission, gave all the others a cramming order, and reconvened without informing us and declared Both of us.

This cost me my job, 3 months living expenses in LA while I persisted in trying to get his declare undone, three plane trips to LA for my husband, loss of most of our friends and business staff, and almost our marriage. Then I went into a three month depression because I had broken my convenant to the Church and felt I was a lousy rotten human being.

Until.... I realized that the group I originally joined was not the group I eventually found myself in. THEY had broken faith with me, not the other way around. I was not in Treason, they were. Were they going to apply that condition to me? No way!

Not only is there a 3D engram of magnitude being completely ignored, there is 3D service fac that says, We are NEVER wrong, and WE are ALWAYS right.

If you are an auditor, imagine the overts that would have to run out before you could get to that one!!! The fact that sentence begins with WE should tell you something. There is a basic premise in running overts: overts have to violate the code that the person has subscribed to. If that code is corrupt, then the overts another might consider as such are not going to read.

In my 10 years in Scn and my husband's 20 years, neither of us ever heard a public apology for anything to anyone, nor amends made of any sort. Have you?

If the code of ethics one is operating on says, we are never wrong, it is always the other guy who complains, and the tech backs this up because of what LRH says about natter and criticism, it becomes a circular argument with no end.

My heart goes out to what you are attempting on this board, and you have my profound respect. Your search for truth is admirable. I hope you find it.

Love, ******** "

-- Safe

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