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South Bay Pickets
Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom.com>
Sun, 16 May 1999 02:04:22 GMT

It was a five org kind of day (one of them twice).

I have been very busy lately with other projects (mostly not scn related) but the continuing pickets against Kristi and Peaches inspired me. I did San Jose on Rosemary, Los Gatos (in Campbell), the San Jose mission at Winchester and Heading, San Jose again, Mt View, and Palo Alto. Half an hour at each except San Jose which got 45 minutes the first time and 30 the second. With travel it took from noon to almost 6 pm.

At Rosemary there were 30 cars in the lot, which (for a weekend) is down about 15 from a year ago. The guy I referred to as "blue shirt" came out and started doing Heil Hitler's at me. I responded that scientology had made Lisa McPherson look like a concentration camp victim before she died. No reply to that one. We *really* have to get some contacts active in the Indian community. A high fraction of the recent recruits are Indian. Most likely imported programmers.

It was a good day for flyers, I must have given away 50 of the Xenu flyers, including one to one of the guys who picketed my house last year. Sorry to say I did not ask him why they don't picket any more, but I did get him pointed to evolutionary psychology via the Patty Hearst story. He was really trying to be nasty, but just could not pull it off. A heavy set older woman with the name of Lisa took a Xenu flyer and was followed clear around the block by some org dude who was trying to get it away from her (he might have, but she has the URL). John M took a flyer from one of the people who drove up as well.

At first I thought the Campbell org was shut--there were no people in the offices which face out on the street. But two women came out and headed to the Pruneyard shoping center with stacks of pink personality tests. I wondered up that direction and supplied the people they gave personality tests a copy of the Xenu flyer. One of them tried to communicate (Did I know anything about scn?) but the other let her know that I was not a person they *could* communicate with. (Heh, so much for the communication course.)

The mission on Winchester is near one of the highest traffic intersections in San Jose. I picketed mostly around the crosswalks. The clams called the cops but the cops didn't stop me and waved me away when I offered them a flyer.

Once more to Rosemary. Blue shirt gave me another Heil Hitler as I started. About 15 minutes into the picket 3 cop cars showed up. They were quite professional about it, would not take a flyer, but did make note of the URL. I told them of the pickets in SF and San Pablo. They said that I really should not be loud, but that the clams should not be heckling me either. I stayed an extra 15 minutes when the cops came, I like picketing with a mess of cops present

Off to Mt. View. Uneventful as usual. There were a few around, but that seems to be a relatively downstat org. Palo Alto was even worse, but I think one of the few at that location saw me. If not, well, you got a half hour picket.

Keith Henson

PS, they are not picketing me, but are expending a lot of effort to attack me with flyers posted two blocks from my house on California Ave. Most of them don't identify who is behind the flyers. Ashamed to put "scientology" on thoes flyers boys? (And I wonder if it is legal to put up personal attacks on the communty anouncement boards? If it is . . . perhaps I should post a few xenu flyers.)


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