Scientology's Reed Slatkin

Scientology starts trying to hide the fact Slatkin is a Scientologist

4 May 2001

"Charlotte L. Kates" <ckates@eden.rutgers.edu

The apparently Scientologist business consultant Daniel Jacobs at http://www.corporatedevelopment.org/ (he doesn't say he's a Scn, but he says "His expertise focuses on assisting management to identify and resolve barriers to expansion while establishing stable rapid growth," which, um, sounds like it to me) worked with our friend Reed Slatkin. At least, in the google cache of this page:


where we see:
1974 to present
Reed Slatkin & Associates
Consultant & Senior Advisor

However, on the current page:

we see instead a curious foreshortening:
1974 to present
R.S.& Associates
Consultant & Senior Advisor

Reed is being thoroughly disappeared, it seems.


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