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01 May 2001

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I doubted this until last night when I called Earthlink.

The customer service rep I talked to went ape shit for lack of a better term.

I hadn't given Scientology much thought except to kind of chuckle when John Travolta and Battlefield Earth was brought up I had lived next door to a family that went through hell getting away from what I guess has to be thought of as a cult.

Here is the original note I posted both at a Earthlink group and to alt.religion.scientology, a group that Earthlink software, that crap that includes POET or whatever it is these days, blocks when supplied to members of the so called church. You have to wonder about a provider that so easly provides software designed to limit the access of it's members on request of a "religion". I doubt even the Mormons are that extreme.

I was used Primenet for 8 years, a long time by internet standards. But there is no way I want even a chance that a bunch like Scientology is watching what I do or using info from my IP to try and recrute my children.

here is the original post"


Last night I called Earthlink to ask about this and ended up canceling my account after the customer service rep began asking the following questions:

1. Who told me about the link ?
2. Which web sites I had looked at ?
3. How did I find out that Earthlink supplies specials versions of browsers
to Scientology members that block non approved or sites like

Funny who is the paranoid in this?

Well all these things are not that hard to find out and I have had a neighbor that was a Scientologist and the only internet provider his family was allowed by the church to use was first Earthlink.

Paranoid ? Well maybe yes. I watched what my neighbor went through when he tried to leave Scientology. Nothing like what happens if you just decide to stop going to Mass believe me.


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