Scientology's Reed Slatkin

12 May 2001

"Magoo" <magoo44@worldnet.att.net

Yo Reed.....

I know you are in a terrible position, and I also am quite sure you weren't meaning to screw all these people as deeply as you ended up doing. I know the routine...I remember people telling me, "Oh our money is with Reed. We will have no problems paying for the Bridge, etc'.

Scientology is designed that way. Take your money, take more. Think up better ways to get money. Scientologists are ALWAYS worrying about money. If they have it, they are trying to help others who do not (which is most, as the Bridge is SO expensive).

So now you went WAY out on a limb...and you got carried away. Ok..so now what? Spend years in jail? Probably. But is there anything you can do to come fully clean? Did you make deals with Scientology that were unethical? Someone told me in CW that many of the celeb's were buying houses, and puting them in the C of S's name, so as to not have to pay taxes.

You may or may not have been a part of that. That was and is totally unethical. So this is what I mean. Look and see if there are things you got roped into that are key to coming clean. Coming clean is a HUGE step for a long time Scientologist...but it IS the Ultimate OT level, I promise you that.

Sooooo take a look.

If you are reading this....just please think about one thing.

State's evidence.

Come clean. All the way clean. Don't cover for the church...if they are in on this. They certainly won't cover for you~!

Take a look...and bale while you can.

Clean up ...fully.

Remember Hubbard, "DO IT NOW".....


Here's another:

"Get honest and straight".

It's standard tech, dude.

Tell all, and let it go.

Don't lie one more second. You can see what it has done to you so far.

Good luck and feel free to write me at


Tory/Magoo~dancing in the light!
In for 30 years
OSA volunteer for 20 years (been there, done that.)
Out for 9 months
SP 6
Free at last!

more info at
www.torymagoo.com )


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