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25 Jun 2001

Tom Klemesrud <tomklem@WCTAtel.net

I just got off the phone with Mr. Jack Shakely of the CCF-LA. In the Annual report the Dewey fund is listed as a non-directed fund--meaning the investments for the fund are at the discretion of the board of governores and the staff.

Mr. Shakely said that the Dewey fund was something more than stated in their annual report for 2000: a lead fund for Dewey's daughter Carol Estrada, apparently a Scientologist. The brief explaination of this is that money is in a "lead charity trust" from which money is used for several years in charity activity and then goes to the trust's beneficiary, Barbara Dewey's daughter Carol Estrada, perhaps tax free. Shakely said there was an A and a B trust (although there is not clue to this in their annual report.) He said the A trust was directed by Carol Estrada's husband Edward Estrada, whom insisted--above the board of Governors' strenuous objections--that $1 million be invested with Slatkin. Shakely said the B trust is the non-directed part that was not invested with Slatkin.

Shakely said CCF-LA has joined in a class action suit lead by the Houston investors. I asked if that was "stedman." He said yes.

Edward and Carol are now divorced according to Shakely and he does not know if Edward Estrada or Carol Estrada are Scientologists, (from the URLs below it seems they are).

Thank you for the call. It appears Mr. Estrada is a Scientologist. Here he is listed as a member of the World Insitute of Scientology Enterprises.

Consumer Network
Edward Estrada
3350 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1824
United States
(1) 213-736-1379
(1) 213-736-1383


It appears that Carol Estrada is a "WISE" member and Scientologist too--

Estrada, Carol
Clearwater FL 34615

Tampa Bay Organization of Women

And yet ANOTHER upbeat-sounding group, the Organization of Women is described by Ruth Valko in a WISE newsletter as "a tremendous LRH Admin Tech dissemination and delivery force". They apparently have seminars where they try to get women to use "Org Boards" in the home. (Domestic living by "hats & stats" - *ROFL*!) The fictitious name of this group used to be registered to ~~Bennetta Slaughter~~ (former employer of Lisa McPherson, and briefly named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit), but that entry is marked "cancelled", and the new I/C appears to Carol Estrada, whose name also appears in the Dec. '97 Flag Executive Directive.


CLEARWATER, FL 34615 http://ccfcorp.dos.state.fl.us/scripts/regdet.exe?list=DETREG&dn1=G97118900084&dn2=G95265000252


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