Scientology's Reed Slatkin

24 Jun 2001


I've learned from a trusted source that Jack Dirmann had complete access to Reed Slatkin's offices for 10 days straight. According to numerous witnesses, this happened about a month before Reed filed for bankruptcy.

Dirmann allegedly had a set of keys and was there day and night going through documents and computer files.

So Who is Jack Dirmann?

scn page:


He was/is(?) a member of FASE "Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education"

an excellent Diane Richardson post re FASE can be found here


and from LA Times article "The Scientology Story"


" One of these groups is the Los Angeles-based Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education. The nonprofit foundation has forged links with scientists across the country to gain legitimacy for itself and, thus, for Hubbard's detox method.

Among its key functionaries is a toxicologist for the Environmental Protection Agency, whose advocacy of the treatment has raised conflict-of-interest questions. "

The same article continues...

" According to state corporate records, the foundation also holds stock in HealthMed. Moreover, the foundation's vice president, Scientologist Jack Dirmann, has served as HealthMed's administrator.

In 1986, four doctors with the California Department of Health Services accused HealthMed of making "false medical claims" and of "taking advantage of the fears of workers and the public and about toxic chemicals and their potential health effects, including cancer." The doctors also criticized the foundation for supporting "scientifically questionable" research. "

In recent years, FASE seems to have lost it's connections to Scientology.


From there, Jack Dirmann's life goes in numerous directions..

* Jack received a grant from NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION GRANT AWARDS FOR FISCAL YEAR 1993 for $300,000 for the development of a prospective television series:


* Jack buys a kayak: http://www.onwatersports.com/w/KayaksWanted.html

Wanted: A Hobie Mirage (has pedals!) any color. Call me 727-593-7312 or email. Jack Jack Dirmann <jdirmann1@aol.com

Sand Key, FL USA - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 00:57:51 (EST)

* Jack discusses education: http://eric-web.tc.columbia.edu/abstracts/ej419432.html

The Jaime Escalante Math Program.

Escalante, Jaime; Dirmann, Jack Describes the success of the Escalante Math Program in East Los Angeles in teaching mathematics to poor minority students. Fundamental principles of the program include the following:

(1) accountability;
(2) hard work;
(3) demand;
(4) love;
(5) parental involvement;
(6) respect and values;
(7) nutrition; and
(8) drug use prevention.

Discusses program origins, teaching methods, and educational psychology. Journal of Negro Education, v59 n3 p407-23 Sum 1990 Paper copies of articles can be provided by University Microfilms International (UMI). Click on link for ordering information or call UMI 1-800-521-0600 ext 2786.

* Jack attends this meeting of a research planning committee meeting on the effects of Gulf War chemical exposure , held in Georgia in 1999:


So what does this add up to? While the whole picture isn't yet clear, we do know that Jack Dirmann is a Scientologist who, until now, has been invisible as far as research into the recent history of Reed Slatkin goes. And know we hear from multiple witnesses that Dirmann had carte blanche access to the computer and hard copy files of Reed Slatkin, just prior to bankruptcy.

Perhaps the Feds will be interested in just who Jack Dirmann is.


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