Scientology's Reed Slatkin

31 Jul 2001


Benjamin Cook is/was a Scientologist who was indicted just over a year ago for running a ponzi scheme in Arizona. He was convicted and sent to jail.

Scientology wound up forking over 1.8 million dollars to defrauded investors.

You can read the story here: http://www.raids.org/gen00403.htm

Slatkin also donated money to the CoS. The Benjamin Cook case provides a perfect precedent for the CoS to either pay back investors, or open its books in the Slatkin case. True, the investors probably won't get it all back, but it would provide yet another precedent for next year's ponzi case, should that arise.. It would also deflate the current notion being spouted by current Scientologists that 'Slatkin was not even a Scientologist', (which is the current line they're using on reporters).


Page 6, Point 10

" During the reporting period, the Receiver settled a significant portion of the Receiver’s claims against the Church of Scientology to recover contributions made by Defendant Cook and his wife Teri Cook. After the entities that comprise the Church of Scientology had refused to comply with a written demand for turnover of Investor Funds that they had received, the Receivership Court authorized the Receiver to file suit against these entities to recover Petition For Approval Of The Sixth Report And Accounting Of The Receiver - Page 7 6TH REPORT Dennel Investor Funds. In December, 2000, the Church of Scientology Religious Trust (“CSRT”) contacted the attorneys for the Receiver and indicated that rather than file an Answer to the Receiver’s lawsuit, the CSRT was prepared to return all of the monies it had received from Benjamin Franklin Cook and Teri Cook. As a result, in the last week of December, 2000, the CSRT issued a cashier’s check to the Receiver in the amount of $1,215,000, and the Receiver dismissed CSRT from the Receiver’s lawsuit. The Receiver is continuing pursuit of its lawsuit against other entities affiliated with the Church of Scientology- that received Dennel investor funds. The Receiver’s attorneys are in discussions with attorneys for these affiliated entities in an attempt to settle the remaining claims of the Receiver. "


Btw, http://www.dennelfinancial.com is an excellent site was just discovered by the http://www.slatkinfraud.com/ elves; it's a *sister-site* to slatkinfraud - Lawrence J. Warfield, CPA - Receiver, put this up to help investors defrauded by Benjamin Cook, last year's Scientology ponzi scheme criminal.


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