Scientology's Reed Slatkin

21 Sep 2001

jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB)

I just purchased TALK Magazine and read the excellent piece by writer, Timothy O'Brien on Reed Slatkin, Scientology and Hollywood. This piece was posted on this NG but it is a much better read in the actual magazine. TALk is kind of a slick, hip womens Mag but it has excellent articles in it besides the one on Slatkin.

One thing that stands out in this article is the incredible intermesh of lies, deceit and greed, and with scientology right square in the middle of it. This is, on a grand scale, typical of WISE-business deals. Most of us who know the Scientology cult know that much of the missing money went straight to the cult.

The non-scientology investors are going to be left in the dust and high profile scientologists like Van Susteren & Coale are the only ones who will get any money back. It is amusing to speculate on the incredible web of lies and coniving that is going on between Slatkin, Scientology and the Scientology investors. The KR reports will be staggering. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point the SEC, IRS and FBI just walk away from it. Slatkin was apparently auditing his scientology investors on the side and the boxes of auditing folders are in boxes with stuff that is under Seal. Can you imagine going through these files? A non-scientologist would be completely baffled.

This is worth purchasing, well researched and written with good pictures.

It is interesting to note that newspaper and magazine writers seem no longer afraid of writing about the cult. Perhaps a good book won't be to far off.

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