Mon 22 May 00 20:44

I had an encounter with the JWs while I was in grad school, that went something like this:

Steve gets tired of all the peddlers who come to his door, so he puts a "No Solicitors" above his doorbell. Some time later, the doorbell rings.

Repeatedly. I get out of bed (it's early), go up the stairs, and find a woman with a child. They want to talk to me about the Lord, so I say "Why don't you pick out something that you think to be particularly inspiring from your Bible, and read it?"

Well, she thinks she's got a convert on her hands, so she reads some passage. After she's done, I say "OK, very good. So why is it that you can read that, but you can't read the GODDAMNED FUCKING SIGN I'VE GOT ON THE FUCKING DOOR?"

You never saw people scamper away so fast, and the visits ceased.

* Origin: Il Vaticano * Lewisville, TX (1:124/9005.13)


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