Ken Starr's Embarrassing Fiasco: The French got it right...

From Paris' le Monde (The World):

In an editorial ringing with stupefaction, le Monde described Starr's report as a "monster...worthy of the reports of the Inquisition... where deviants and heretics were hunted down to the depths of their souls.

"By the magic of the Internet, the four corners of our universe were turned into a planetary audience and we all became Peeping Toms by the choice of the American Congress."After four years of investigations at a mind-boggling cost, prosecutor Starr has found nothing but the pitiful lie of a seducer," it said.

Le Monde accused Starr of trying to impose "a terrifying moral order where sex is never far from sin, where even sexual relations between consenting adults is always something terrible."

The daily described the mood in Washington as "a new McCarthyism, which has replaced the panicky fear of communism with the dread of sexuality."


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