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Beware of strange cults
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 16:49:09 -0400

Church and politicians issue warning on sects

Steglitz, Germany
April 19, 2000
Berliner Kurier

by Tobias von Heymann

Steglitz - Now they are again standing at the subway stations, underpasses, in front of public buildings and squares - or advertise their goals with glossy brochures: sect adherents who are now determined to recruit new members.

At the moment it is the "Scientology Organization" (SO) which is trying to gain a foothold in Berlin. "Scientology is under great pressure because it has money problems," presumes state church sect commissioner Thomas Gandow. In his opinion, the controversial organization is mainly on the look-out for people who are new to the city and who do not yet have social connections. Those would include the approximately 8,000 first semester college students, many of whom have just recently arrived in Berlin.

The Youth Union (JU) mobilized resistance on short notice and protested against the SO exhibition, which opened yesterday. "This sect manipulates people and wants to exploit them and leave them without a will of their own," warned Nadine Wichatzek (25), one of the organizers. CDU General Secretary Ingo Schmitt also condemned Scientology, "Scientology is one of the most dangerous international sects."

Within the show, SO activists demonstrated one way spiritual lives of members were explored: a so-called "electrometer," a small device with dials, knobs and two tin cans is supposed to be able to measure positive and negative feelings. A member of the "Kurier" editorial staff tested the device - it obviously worked only for those who believed in it.


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