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Another death: Frank Suarez
mgormez@chello.nl (Michael 'Mike' Gormez -- www.b-org.demon.nl/scn/deaths)
Sat, 03 Jun 2000 13:59:40 GMT

I haven't been able to get it confirmed after my request for info. Hopefully someone now will remember something.


Frank Suarez was an OT who committed suicide with a firearm in late 1991 at his home in Broward County, Florida (near Ft.Lauderdale). He left behind a wife and two children,ages around 9 and 10.

I couldn't swear to it in a court of law with 100% certainty, but my recollection is that Frank was OT lll, may have once been on staff at the Ft.Lauderdale Mission, was a "public" at the Miami Org, and had gotten auditing at FLAG. He had been in Scientology for several years.

An addendum: Executives and I believe a couple of OT's were called to a private meeting at the Miami Org after his death. As you can imagine, Frank's friends were all pretty shocked and upset, and even angry that he would leave a wife and 2 kids to deal with life without a husband and father.

The next day, one of the OT's stated that she had "been in contact" with

Frank, that he was very happy,was doing well,and that he had done it because his most important goal as a being was to be in the Sea Org, and since he had taken LSD earlier "this lifetime" he couldn't. (You can't join the Sea Org if you've taken LSD or similar drugs "this lifetime".)

I didn't believe any of that even when I was still in the cult.

--Just Another Ex-Scientologist


-- Why are these people dead Scientology?


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