Scientology Crime Syndicate

Fri, 17 Sep 1999 05:03:47 GMT

Sunshine posting Number Two:

As Scientology forsakes God in its daily applications it is no small wonder that it is a God-forsaken mess to be around.

I remember being referred over and over to the same early red volume LRH reference on the assertion that no true knowledge of God is possible without first doing the entirety of Scientology. This was when I dared to hold to my religious faith and practice in the face of an RTC eligibilty hurricane. I was supposed to give up God and rely upon Ron.

To my mind "Supreme Being" has always been senior to the post of Founder, and is so by definition.

Rather than abandon my Faith and wait for Ron's Second Coming I felt I wanted to have a joyous balance in my dynamics right now already! Ron had asserted that only He could introduce anyone to his special exclusive Big Buddy(God). What an ego to say such a thing! It may just have been that Ron's ego was just too big to fit into his body and so he thought he was "stably exterior."


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