Scientology Crime Syndicate

Fri, 17 Sep 1999 06:02:53 GMT

Sunshine posting Number Four

Scientology claims to empower its members by giving them access to "O.T. abilities." So where are these big O.T.s?

In reality the opposite is the case. It precisely DISEMPOWERS its members by the following mechanism; Instead of connecting people up to God, the infinite "Power Grid" of the universe and let them happily use that power to do good, Scientology prevents connection with God by diverting members' attention constantly to a false "power source."

When God made individual spiritual beings it is indeed true that they came with "batteries not included." That was because they were supposed to remain "plugged in" constantly and lovingly to God's almighty Power! Now in Scn. they are supposed to ignore God and buy a never-ending supply of Thetan Batteries in blocks of 12.5 units at exorbitant prices.

And how quickly the wins fade and the "o.t." abilities run out of juice! Well, they are not "plugged in to their REAL Source!..That is the way Hellron Blubbered designed it....$$$$$$


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