Scientology Crime Syndicate

Date: 1999/11/29
Author: M. C. DiPietra <mdipietra@earthlink.net>

Found in a garbage can in a Tampa travel agency:

3 November 1999

Dear Clearwater Scientologist;

Hello to my fellow third dynamic team members. I am writing to you once again to give you data on a very important plan for you and for Clearwater.

As a Clearwater Scientologist, you are part of the OT foothold on land for the Freewinds. By that I mean it is important that we have a strong base on land from which we can launch the multitudes of public to the ship for their spiritual journey to OT. Clearwater is that base and you are part of the Scientology 3rd dynamic community. You wouldn't be living in Clearwater unless you wanted a strong 3rd dynamic of Scientologists. Otherwise, you'd come here, do your Bridge and return "home" elsewhere.

Therefore, in order to help you create such a group, I am enclosing information on an LRH lecture series and OT Hatting Course - The Ability Congress. This is THE 3rd dynamic OT course which will give you the OT tools to create an incomparable Scientology community here in Clearwater, your home. The goal is to get every Clearwater Scientologist to the ship for this OT hatting course.

Get OT truths drilled in with Golden Age of Tech drills on data just as necessary to survive on the 3rd dynamic as the food we eat and the air we breath [sic] is to our 1st dynamic. Do this course and find out how help, abilities, willingness, knowingness and the definition of where we are going equal OT. This data is nexessary for you to happily survive, believe me.

Create the true ideal 3rd dynamic you've envisioned for endless lifetimes. It's time NOW to cause all of your dynamics to move to the ideal. Call us now at 727-467-6880 or 1-800-876-SHIP and book your flight now!

Much love,

Donnie Webster,
FLB Ship Office in Charge


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