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Talon Security - Co$ Spammers?
jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB)
02 Jun 2000 17:38:00 GMT

> Subject: Re: Talon Security - Co$ Spammers?
> From: Grady Ward grady@gradyward.com
> Date: 6/2/00 10:45 AM Central

<androidcat99@hotmail.com> wrote:

>>> I seem to recall that Talon Security is WISE or other connected
>>> to Co$. They dropped this turd in my mailbox (LART dispatched):

>>> From: "Talon Security" <childsafety1@excite.com>
>>> To: <androidcat99@hotmail.com>
>>> Subject: Please Read to Protect Your Children

>> I got it too!

>> And yes, I recall hearing that Ben Shaw from Talon Security was
>> snooping around the Caltech campus some time in 1995, looking
>> for the mysterious "-AB-".

> And a Mr. Rice from Talon was Warren McShane's personal armed
> bodyguard when I deposed the now ex-president of RTC in 1997.

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> voice (707) 826-7712 fax (413) 832-2600

In 1977 a German TV producer, Franz Tartarotti, came to the US to film a program on Scientology for German television. He and his crew came to my home outside of Chicago to interview me on my experiences as a former scientologist and a CAN staff member.

Tartarotti, while in the US was followed 24 hrs a day by up to five cars of scientology agents. Two cars followed Tartarotti to my home and attempted to disrupt his visit to my home. These two cars were parked outside my home.

I called the police and they questioned the three individuals who were in these two cars. The police 'inadvertently' allowed me to see two of the drivers licenses. The two names were Angel Casillas and Thierry Duchanauc. They were indentified as working for Talon Security with an address in California. I did not get the name of the third guy who was very tall with white hair. Would this be Ken Rice?

These three were ordered to leave our subdivision. When tartarotti and his crew went to leave I left with them to escort them to the freeway as they were going into Chicago. Coming out of our subdivision there were three cars waiting for us and followed us. As we got on to a major thoroughfare outside of our town, the car with Casillas and Duchanauc tried to force my car off of the road.

I filed another police report but by then these guys were gone.

I found out later that Thierry duchanauc is on staff at the Washington D.C. Org.

Talon Security is definitely tied in with the Scientology cult although like all scientologists they will lie and try to deny it. Talon has a website and I emailed the President of Talon about their scientology connection. He, of course, denied it.

If anybody has Additional informationon Talon Security, please post it.



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