Scientology Crime Syndicate

Please welcome Susanne Maria Lawrence, from Crowborough, East Sussex, UK

What is your job or profession? Dissemination Secretary Greenfields School Sussex

When did you get into Scientology? 1976

What training have you done?HQS and now on Solo 1

What is your processing level? Clear

Where are you currently on lines? AOSH UK

What service are you currently on? Solo 1 and preps

Who referred you to TNX? Annick Davis

Anything else you'd like to originate? My passion is dissemination but I am also an artist working with glass paints on glass and mirrors. I am a music maker. I sing and play folk songs but also enjoy bluegrass. I also dance. (Appalacian Clogging). I enjoy performing. I am also an experienced producer and director of live shows.


Covert Hostility

I love you as you die
for your own good,
in my arms (and by my hand).
Copyright 1999 by Ian Shillington. All rights reserved.
Best regards,
Ian Shillington
Clearwater, Florida

[Editor's note: Remind anyone of the cult killing Lisa McPherson?]


mike@accurate-vision.com (Mike Rubio)

I also agree that we should make a push for Congressman Rogan. His rep attended the recent Freedom Mag awards and was supportive there. Plus you'll get an answer if you e-mail him about relevant topics. Which is better than you'll get from either Gov Gray Davis or either of our Senators, Feinstein and Boxer.

Rogan Campaign Committee
PO Box 846
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
818/ 249-0592

Mike Rubio
Sunland CA

[Editor's note: The media should be made aware of this, certainly]


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