Scientology Crime Syndicate

Helleniciaf@ns.net (Genung)

Great job opening in Sacramento for accounting/Treasury hat. The job involves handling payables, payroll and bookkeeping for a large occupational medical clinic. The clinic is managed by Scientologists. The doctor/owner is a long-time ally of Scientology and is very involved in research and delivery of the Purification Rundown in the secular arena. Please email me privately at helleniciaf@ns.net if you are interested in finding out more about the job!

Alexis Genung

[Editor's note: Someone should find out what medical facility this is and alert the proper authorities]


From: AMaren@aol.com

All Members of TNX are hereby provided a complimentary invitation to The Professional Consultants Association's 1999 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

For all PCA members, non-members and those interested in consulting!

Thursday, July 15, 1999--Author Services Bldg. 7051 Hollywood Blvd.

9:00am-Registration and breakfast buffet.
10:00am-Conference Begins
*Future plans from Senior Management
*The PCA consulting tech round table panel with the Pros:
Arte Maren, Craig Ferreira, Kevin Wilson
Klaus Hilgers, Dave Sanders and special guest Mike Chatelain

Subjects: Prospecting-Sales Presentations-Closing the Sale Client Delivery Systems-Routing Clients onto the Bridge!

5-6:00pm-Tour the ASI building.

6:30-11pm-Scializing at the Universal City Walk.

For reservations and more info call Nick at HCA Int. 323-462-4100.

Arte Maren
Chairman, PCA, Int.
West Hills, Calif. USA

PCA is a non-profit gung-ho group connected to the Hubbard College of Administration, International.

[Editor's note: There you have it: PCA is a Scientology front]


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