Scientology Crime Syndicate

Please welcome Jo Ganz, from Clearwater, Florida

Who referred you to TNX? JULIE RICH

Anything else you'd like to originate? I am, along with Thetans Extraordinaire Ben Kugler and Sam Blom, in the process of establishing EXPANSION, INC, (a company name conceived by Ben) as a WISE consulting company. I would like to thank them for duplicating my purpose to put Ethics in FIRST. I'm still blowing down on that one. We are also planning to open a Life Improvement Center. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Div 6er. My purpose is to help LRH expand Scientology by getting new public on to and moving up the Bridge..."THE" BEST GAME IN TOWN...ANY TOWN.


"In handling people around them, persons in the 1.2-down bracket deal in reversals of fact. One can take it as a rule of thumb which is too often workable to be ignored that whatever this person says he is doing, he is actually doing something else. Whatever this person says is false is actually true. Making allowance for the fact that much of such a person's conversation is without purpose, one can beware of this contrariness between manifestations and actual purpose." -- LRH, Science of Survival, page 174

[Editor's note: Hubbard also said that people in the '1.1 bracket' should be 'disposed of quietly and without sorrow.']


To ALL who sent postulates and postulated help to us concerning the sale of our 6-family Apartment Building in Union CIty NJ, THANKS! It finally sold yesterday. This is an especially BIG win for us for many reasons, not least of which is that we now are able to purchase a business here in Clearwater, FL. and can stay here "for the duration." Also, since the building up north housed an SP that we discovered while recently doing the PTS/SP retread, it was such a relief to finally disconnect from that person. This, as well, is an ETHICS SPECIALIST Crs. WIN because in order to get through the stops on the lines that were delaying the closing, I had to use EVERY bit of info I have been learning on my ETHICS course! Especially helpful was the ACTION AFFLUENCE FORMULA. This little gem is quite an amazing thing when applied to OFFICE and COMMUNICATIONS skills. Anyway, thanks for all your support and help. WE DID IT!!!!!

ARC, RosaSheila Barrera


ankes97@Yahoo.com (Anke Dievenkorn)

Dear All,

Artists in Action is FLAG's gung-ho group of artists and patrons of the arts here in Clearwater, who are constantly infusing the Clearwater environment with high quality communication and theta. Our monthly showcases at the Clearwater Building is one example of the fun projects we create for our community.

Artists in Action volunteers are needed to spend a few hours each month to do Press Agent actions, Membership Administration actions and Fund-raising actions. It is not necessary to be experienced in these areas - we'll hat you.

The exchange for your products as an Artists in Action volunteer are knowing you are helping achieve a cultural renaissance, getting to be part of a very fun group and the chance to increase your activities as an FSM. Also, working with Artists In Action has been known to greatly enhance the commendations section of your ethics folder.

If you're interested, please call Colleen at (727) 446-9362, or email to me at ankes97@yahoo.com.


Anke I. Dievenkorn
Clearwater, FL



Hello everyone!

My name is Tony Balecha and I am the Recruiter at Executive Software International. We are expanding our Technical Division and have the following positions available:

- Senior Software Engineers for the Windows NT platform
- Senior Software Engineer for the OpenVMS platform
- Software Engineers for the Windows NT platform
- Software Test Engineers

To join our team, call me at 818-547-2050, email your resume to PPO@executive.com, or FAX your resume to 818-545-9241 Attention: Personnel Department. And have your friends and family call me too!


Tony Balecha
Executive Software International
701 N. Brand Blvd., 6th Floor
Glendale, CA 91023

[Editor's note: Is this company owned by the criminal cult?]


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