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Tue 31 Aug 99 21:20
Karl Schneider

This is too fucking funny.

This afternoon, a guy pulls a holdup at the Tulsa Police Credit Union. A rather quiet affair, no shouting, just a note to the teller saying something like "I have a gun, gimme your money". She does and he walks out. Apparently the teller watched him leave and saw him get into a blue car. For some reason she didn't do anything until the next customer walks up to her window, she recognizes him as a Tulsa Cop, and tells him the previous visitor has robbed her and got into a blue car outside. So the 3 year "veteran" (seems any cop with a job is a 'veteran' according to the newsies) runs out and blasts a hole in the windshield of the blue car, hitting the driver in the chest.

Only problem was it was the wrong blue car... it contained one seriously shot wife of yet another cop.

The robber is still at bay.

I really don't think any more commentary is necessary.


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