It doesn't seem too likely that this clown's Cristianity has anything to do with his problems. But it does point to the persecution that so many Christians perceive whenever things go wrong in their life. This over- willingness to imagine religious persecution is one of the symptoms of paranoid delusion disorders. Tends to support my hypothesis that a great many Christians are playing with induced insanity and imagining it to be religion.


Ousted Judge Claims Discrimination

.c The Associated Press

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - An ousted judge who admitted signing papers "Adolf Hitler" and tossing firecrackers in a colleague's office says the real reason he was removed from office was that he's fat, diabetic, white and a Christian.

Former Douglas County Judge Richard "Deacon" Jones filed a discrimination complaint Tuesday with the state Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If it is not resolved by the commission within six months, Jones' attorney said, a discrimination lawsuit will be filed.

The state Supreme Court cited a "continuing pattern of misconduct" in removing Jones from office July 17.

He admitted signing court papers with names such as Hitler and Snow White and setting off the fireworks. He described some of his actions as pranks that went afoul and said they did not violate any rules. He denied other accusations, including improperly touching a female judge, saying he just accidentally brushed against her.

He was also accused of setting absurd bond amounts of 13 cents or a "gazillion pengos" and using profanity in addressing court workers.

Jones' complaint names as defendants the state; state Sen. Ernie Chambers, who initiated the investigation leading to his removal; Douglas County Judge Jane Prochaska, who filed complaints against him; and the Supreme Court that removed him.

Jones, who weighs more than 400 pounds, claims Chambers and Prochaska made disparaging remarks about his morbid obesity, and says the state failed to accommodate his obesity and treated him differently from other employees.

"There were a lot of jokes made about his illness," his lawyer, Carl Hartmann, said. "Obviously, he's an easy target because of his size."

Jones, who is white, also alleges that Chambers, the Legislature's only black senator, has demonstrated a pattern of racism and is anti-Christian.

Chambers called Jones' filing an act of desperation that "has reached the point of being pathetic." Others targeted by the complain declined to comment or did not return calls.

AP-NY-07-29-98 0947EDT


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