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wgert-Posted Document came from Moxon & Kobrin Offices
Date: 1998/09/26

wgert-Posted Document came from Moxon & Kobrin Offices

A quote from Stephen Mitchell, plaintiff in the $190-million libel suit against the Church of Spiritual Technology:

"The document cover-page that the so-called 'wgert' posted to alt.binaries.scientology, which had my name, and the name of the other plaintiff in our case, Kathleen Carey, at the top - and had an excerpt from the docuemnt pasted crosswise over it - was our response to the Church of Spiritual Technology's demand for documents.

"That document was mailed to the offices of Moxon & Kobrin - and NOWHERE ELSE - on 11 September with proof of service.

"We never filed that response in the court as a public document, since it deals with discovery, and would only be filed at the time of trial.

"Therefore, the only place this document could have been accessed is at the offices of Moxon & Kobrin, counsel for the Church of Spiritual Technology - the defendant in our case."

Mitchell also pointed out that another one of the documents posted to a.b.s. had the name "Edwin G. Richardson" in the FAX heading, upside down at the bottom of the document. Richardson is a P.I. known to do work for the church. This, said Mitchell, posted with the other document (which had ONLY been in the possession of CST attorney Kendrick Moxon), provably ties Moxon, Richardson, CST and "wgert" together - which will be extremely useful in regards to all posts by "wgert."

The other plaintiff in the case, Kathleen Carey, is quoted as saying:

"CST, through Moxon, tried in their last court-filed document to characterize our suit as an 'annoyance' suit to 'force a settlement' out of the 'deep pockets' of CST. They keep trying to pretend that the issue is money, they keep trying to discredit us, all to avoid the real issues in the case.

"They still don't understand that it has never been about money, and never will be. It's about restoring L. Ron Hubbard to his rightful place as the Source of Scientology, and exposing what has been done to his works, and exposing what has been done by the misuse of his name.

"Peripheral side-shows and smear tactics - none of which have anything to do with the issues in the case - are not going to dissuade us. Stephen and I are the plaintiffs in this case. Sooner or later, when their side-shows have all blown away in the wind, they're going to have to answer the questions, they are going to have to answer for what they have done, and they are going to have to deal with us in court."

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