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Here we can see that the Mississippi school system better beef up its math curriculum. Apparently 20 is a majority of the people in America. Or perhaps 20 is the majority of demonstrators/counter-demonstrators where the ratio is 20:300.

Amazing how imbeciles can delude themselves, isn't it?


White Supremacist Group Wins Suit

.c The Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) - A federal judge awarded a white supremacist group $700 four years after the city banned it from holding an anti-homosexual parade.

The Nationalist Movement, a Learned, Miss.-based group, was denied a permit to conduct the parade to show support for sponsors of a St. Patrick's Day parade who canceled their event rather than comply with a federal injunction that forced them to let a group of Irish gays march.

The group went ahead with the march in May 1994, in violation of the city's ban, which was based on traffic and public safety concerns.

About 20 people marched on the sidewalk instead of the street and were met by about 300 counter demonstrators. No arrests were made.

The group sued the city, and U.S. District Court Judge George O'Toole ruled last week the denial was a violation of the group's right to freedom of expression and awarded them $700 in compensatory damages.

"Our victory is a victory for the majority and a victory over the homosexuals, the leftists ... and the minorities," said Richard Barrett, who described himself as general counsel for the group.

AP-NY-07-06-98 2140EDT


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