I received hate literature through the mail this afternoon. It is more than a little annoying that hate groups are allowed to send hate mail unsolicited to anyone they want but then I recall that the ACLU once helped the KKK retain the right to march.

My wife and sons read the hate cult's literature and I'm annoyed there don't seem to be laws which can be applied to protect American citizens from this kind of mail-out.

After going through the literature, I telephoned the hate cult. I've described that conversation after the description of the hate literature offered below.

This is a single sheet 12 by 17 inch glossy. It's folded so that one ends up with three sections:

Section 1

In 1996 President Clinton signed the bipartisan federal (sic) Defense of Marriage Act, allowing states to define marriages for themselves.

Today, 31 states have passed laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman... but not California.

Several state courts are close to ruling in favor of "same-sex marriages." And, since marriages performed in other states are usually recognized as valid in California, a "YES" (sic) vote is necessary to prevent California from having to recognize "same-sex marriages" performed out of state.

Protect Marriage Yes on 22

For more information, contact: Protestion of Marriage Committee. 1121 L Street, Suite 810. Sacramento, California 95814. 916.441.1010 phone. 916.441.1029 fax.


The first section has 9 photographs, three of which are of Negro families -- which is ironic to the extreme. I guess these hate mongers will be magnaminous and allow "niggers" to marry in the State of California. The fact that this hate literature and the hate initiative was created by the Mormon cult makes them including blacks in their hate literature even more ironic.

Section 2

It's Simple...
It's Common Sense...
It's Only 14 Words...

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

(entire text of proposition)

This section has a photograph of a white man and white woman getting married. This proposition of hatred is no different than demanding that "only marriage between whites is valid or recognized in California." No difference!

And another bit of irony (which is maybe deliberate.) The White Supremist hate mongers that worship Adolf Hitler also use the phrase "14 words" as well.

Section 3

Questions and Answers about the Protection of Marriage Initiative

What is the Protection of Marriage Initiative?

Protection of Marriage is a March 7, 2000 ballot proposition that adds just 14 words to the California Family Code.

And no mention of the fact that these hate-filled homophobic bigots aren't "protecting" anyone against anything.

A "YES" vote means that:

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valif or recognized in California."

Why is this initiative necessary?

California law defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Several state courts are close to ruling in favor of "same-sex marriage." And since marriages performed in other states are usually recotgnized as valid in California, we could be forced to accept "same-sex marriages" performed out of state. A "YES" vote is needed to close this loophole.

As if equal protection under the United States Constitution is a "loophole."

31 states and the United States government have already passed laws protecting marriage.

California voters should be allowed the same decision. It's out state; It should be our choice!

And while they're at it, why not pass laws that "niggers" can't get married either? And how about people with green eyes? And left- handed people shouldn't be allowed to get married, either.

Why should I note "YES?"

Californians are fair-minded and respectful of other people's beliefs and lifestyled. However, we understand the difference between respecting a person's right to same-sex _relationships_ and endorsing "same-sex _marriages_."

See, these bigots will allow blacks to have sex with whites, but they won't "endorse" blacks getting married to whites. Of course they "respect" the black "lifestyle."

Vote "YES" to preserve the institution of marriage that has served as a cornerstone of society for thousands of years.

Keep blacks down and women from being allowed to vote or hold public office since hatred and bigotry has been a cornerstone of society for thousands of years. Any attempt to rectify a wrong must be countered by the hate-mongering bigots at any cost.

Too bad these hate-mongering bigots' marriages are such shams that allowing _everybody_ in America to have _equal_ protection under the law some how negates these bigots' marriages.

Vote "YES." People will continue to have the right to live as they choose, but not to re-define marriage for our entire society.

Meanwhile gay couples will continue to pay higher taxes than their straight colleagues, be granted equal medical coverage, have the same rights to sign for medical care for their loved ones in an emergency, and be protected by the law _equally_ under a Constitution that allegedly guarentees them such!

Vote "YES" to send a clear and positive message to California's children about the future of family strength.

And teach your children to hate just like these creeps.

Marriage: The way is should be, between a man and a woman.

What does a "No" vote mean?

California politicians have failed to clarify the law. Unless we pass the Protection og Marriage Initiative, Californians will likely be forced to legally recognize new definitions of marriage created by other states.

A "YES" vote means that _California_citizens_ will preserve our right to decide the definition of marriage.

Who is supporting the initiative?

The Protection of Marriage Initiative is backed by a coalition of Californians from all walks of life; parents, teachers, seniors, Democrats, Republicans, Independants, civic and community organizations, church groups, and hundreds of thousands of every day Californians.

Funny how they couldn't even answer their own rhetorical question, huh? Fact is, this is a single hate group operating in California and it's a _Christian_-_based_ hate group that is too embarrassed by its own homophobic bigotry to admit publically who they are.

Specifically, it's the Mormon cult.

Nearly 700,000 registered voters signed petitions to place the Protection of Marriage Initiative on the March 2000 primary ballot.

There are a lot of homophobics in the world.

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

(entire text of the proposition)

Vote Yes on 22


I telephoned the hate group to complain and I told the woman who answered (she refused to identify herself) that I received hate mail from you creeps and that I wanted to complain.

Her defense? She chucked about mailing out hate mail. I asked he if she thought hatred and bigotry was something worth laughting about but she didn't have an answer for that.

I told her not to send me her hate mail any more and she asked what area I lived in. I told her and she assured me she wouldn't send her hate mail to me again.

I informed her that she was a hate-mongering homophobic bigot and all she could do is chuckle again and hang up. She seemed to think it amusing that she could spread her hatred and bigotry around California with impunity, exposing people's children to such filth.

Cavalier and Associates 1121 L Street, Suite 810 Sacramento, CA 95814

Schroeder, Karl (916)444-8080

NOC, Network Operations Center 800-711-5353


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