Section 8:
    "The main difference between cults and religions is that cults
    tend to be suicidal and religions tend to be homicidal (as evidenced
    by history as well as current events in Bosnia, Northern Ireland,
    India, the Middle East and almost every other war-ravaged area.)"
    - Marie Castle

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Section 8:
Related clergy abuse: Victims of Christianity

Victims of Christianity - Source unknown

This document was translated into English from German by the author, so odd grammar can be attributed to this translation unless quoted from historical texts. This will eventually be corrected by N. How many people have been killed by Christians since Biblical times?


--------------------------------------------------------------------- "WONDERFUL EVENTS THAT TESTIFY TO GOD'S DIVINE GLORY" ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Listed here are only some events that solely occurred on command of the Christian church's authorities or were committed in the name of Christianity. (This list is not intended to be a complete exposure of the inhuman atrocities which the religion (Christianity) is responsible for. Contact your local library for Robert Schafer's "Holy Horrors" for further historic case histories of inhuman atrocities committed for various religions' gods by their pious believers.)

Origin: Beware of promises of life where death is prerequisite (1:218/890)
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