Here's an interesting letter I received prompted by the extensive Clergy Abuse Series here at The Skeptic Tank.

I've removed Joe's name and E-Mail address, along with his web site URL, so that it remains anonymous. What's interesting about Joe's comments here is the underscoring of pain which the Mormon cult inflicted upon him and which continues to inflict upon him.

There has been much discussion around the lay populace and the mental health industry as to how best to attribute the causes of psychosis and related difficulties. The question in this particular case as to what role occult indoctrination and mind control plays in a suffering individual's difficulties. Does the individual suffer as the result of such occult indoctrination and mind control as described below, or is allowing oneself to be manipulated by cults an artifact of an already existing condition?

Which came first? The clergy abuse or the misery?

Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 18:33:00 -0700
From: "Joe."
To: frice@raids.org
Subject: your page rules

I am glad I found your page and have added a link to it. I am going to benefit from the Clergy Abuse Recovery steps. I was abused by bishops and members of the mormon church.

They would tell me the army were rapists, and that they raped the mormons back in 18something, and that the FBI was corrupt and to only listen to church music, and also to get married right after going to a mission without going to college.

When I pointed out that you need a college education to support kids, they chastised me severely for not having faith and trying to lead others away. I finally quit going to church, even though my parents want me to go still.

I am under a mental health order to take certain medication that makes me more easily controlled. I was originally taken to mental health by my parents because when I turned 18 I stated I would do anything I wanted, like have sex, and join the military instead of going on a mission.

I got hell for that. I don't know how to fight it legally, and I still get crap from mormons. It's one of those towns where everyone knows everyone.

They've done the love thing to me, where they shower you with love if you stay in the circle, but if you show interest in the outside world, you are bad. They distort things, and get tricky, like coating the poison pill with sugar in that they say, "they are nice but we know the one and only true way."

Whatever, bunch of fat, power hungry bastards is what they are. I found out the anti-psychotic they have me on is used for hypnotism, so I am more susceptible to suggestions, and I have heart palpations when in confrontations with these people. Sometimes it feels like I am going to have a heart attack.

I was badgered into going to Rick's college, a private mormon school. I have some stories about that place. I would get in fights and get harassed by "church leaders" because I was from california and liked to wear shorts that "showed too much."

I am part mexican and I don't believe in their bullshit, it's just another con to conquer my race. The leaders are mainly rednecks that have been educated in the ways of conning people, a little truth here and there, or conning, in order to bring about their plan of making everyone like them.

I had a saying in my profile when I was using AOL. Mormons are like the borg; if they can't assimilate you, they will try to destroy you.

BTW, anti-psychotics make you gain weight...I am getting a spare tire now, and before I had the metabolism that won't quit, I could eat anything and not gain a pound. And now my sex drive is nill. I used to be healthy, now I am a zombie most of the time. Anyway, I am going to be adding more stuff about your page to my page. http://******************/~*****

Talk to you later!



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