American society changes radically from decade to decade and it hasn't been that long since women and racial minorities were given equality in the workplace and in the courts.

White males have had to give up their position of near absolute authority over every aspect of American society yet now, seeking to set back the social progress America has made over the last 180 years, the Promise Keeper cult demands that white males "take back authority" over their wives.

They do this because of their insecurity and need to retain the position of male domination which they once had. As American society grows ever more technological and these religious Neanderthals are left behind, they seek to return to the more comfortable, favored societal positions of yesterday.

This cult seeks to perpetuate this fascist ideology onto the next generation: they include their male children in with their meetings and indoctrinate them into the position of male domination over the female.

No cult follower likes to have to face the truth about their cult and its evil ideals. The resentment stems from secret pangs of guilt as they face within themselves the truth about their socio-destructive beliefs.

Offered below are resentment-filled rants from a number of Promise Keeper cult followers. No doubt some of these individuals would have not forwarded their rants to me had they known I would make them public yet such is life. While this page is intended for academia, if you find one of your rants below and don't like the fact that your message is being made public, please let me know and I will most likely remove it.

As always:

Since this is a good study of cult behavior, I intend to grow this web page as cult followers check in.

NOTE: Every single one of the messages faithfully replicated in this series has not been edited for content. Most of them were run-on sentences with no formatting so, in order to make them readable, I've expended some effort and have reformatted them.


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